Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Meringue Rainbowcy~A Legacy Gone Technicolor Chapter 15 Generation Hypnotiq

“Is Fade here?” I asked hearing my voice crack while looking at her bulging belly. “He’s upstairs you can wait here on the porch. Can I get you anything to drink?” She began to ask me as the sound of feet carelessly trampling down the stairs sounded behind her. Even before the light caught his face in the darkened house I knew it was him and my breath immediately caught in my throat. “Is everything alright Fleur?” He asked as he walked toward us before he saw me and when my eyes finally met his it was as cliché as the rest of the world temporarily melting away around us.

“Well I’m going to go join everyone else.” Fleur said in the same breathless voice as she rubbed her belly. Fade walked outside and watched Fleur as she went to join the rest of their group. “So…Umm You and Fleur huh? Uh some congrats I guess are in order then” I said glumly as I looked at my sandals. Even though I couldn’t see Fade I knew as soon as I said this, his head turned sharply and his eyes watched me intently.

A tense moment passed between us in silence as I waited for him to confirm that Fleur was indeed carrying his child but he never did as we were interrupted by a lean guy in board shorts and flip-flops that looked like he just walked off a beach than out of a house in the middle of swamp country all that was missing was a surf board and a salty summer breeze.

“Whoa…Am I interrupting something Fade?” He asked without waiting for an answer “Where’s my manners? I’m Hiwa Kai and welcome to my house or well actually my wife’s house. If I had my way we’d be on a beach right now instead of here.” He said as he slapped him arm and muttered something about the mosquitos population eating him alive peppered in with a few stronger words.

“I’m Hypnotiq Meringue.” I started to introduce myself uncertainly “Oh I know who you are. Fade’s told me a lot about you since my wife brought him home one night in an awful mess. Plus I’ve seen all of your movies!” Hiwa told me excitedly “You’re wife?” I questioned as he laughed and asked “Yeah my wife she’s right down there, you’ve met Fleur before right?”

“Uh Hiwa?” Fade said trying to get his attention. “Oh…Yeah I’ll leave you two alone. It was nice meeting you Hypnotiq.” Hiwa said as he went to join the rest of their group. “Maybe that’s who you should have congratulated.” Fade said as we watched Hiwa walk away. “Fade…” I began to say as I ran through everything I had planned to say on the car ride over, but instead he cut me off.

“Stop it Hyp. Since I left I’ve done just about anything to forget you, trying to blot out any memory of you that we had together but I could never escape you. From getting into fights, to finding comfort in the arms of some random girl that to drowning my sorrows in a bottle or two of nectar nothing made me forget. Fleur came across me one night somewhere… I can’t even remember that night is so blurry, after I had just gotten into a fight with some locals and invited me out here to stay with her and Hiwa for a while. The whole time I watched as your belly grew hoping that it might be mine just so I could have an excuse to talk to you again. And now that I have you here I can’t help but wonder why? Why are you here? You have everything with Blue right now and I bet you even got him to leave his wife.” Fade said bitterly as he watched as the lightening bugs came out and began to flicker throughout the yard.

“I’m not with Blue anymore, I left him.” I said quietly as I put my hand upon the cold marble of one the pillars. Fade turned his head so quickly I couldn’t help but wonder if he got whiplash before he recovered and nonchalantly looked around. “I love you and it’s been you always you Fade, but I’ve just been too silly and foolish to realize it as I’ve been swept up in a dream of things out of my control when I’ve always been in control just too stupid to realize it all. Then when I found out I was pregnant I was so sure that you’d never want to see me again.” I said feeling my tears run again as they slide down my cheeks.

“If you had only came to me when you were pregnant I wouldn’t have cared that it wasn’t mine. Hyp I love you and would have done anything for you and your child.” Fade said as I still wiped the tears from my eyes. “Love? As in present tense? So you still love me?” I asked as I felt my heart stop in anticipation. This is what I was here for, what I was risking everything for.

His silence was defining as it hurt me more than if he had just said no. “Oh Berry I’m so stupid.” I moaned as sat down and put my head into my arms when I heard him finally speak.

“You are a silly girl.” Fade said as he pulled me back up and continued “I never stopped because I don’t think I can and I don’t want to. So to answer your question I still love you.”

With a glimpse of his storm wrought eyes our relationship flashed before my own.

It all started with an over confidence smile from across a smoky room

“Well you don’t look pleased one bit. Were you hoping that it would have been you instead?”
“And I suppose you are going to be my knight in shining armor and ask me to dance?”

All the signs I knew where there all along, that I had just turned a blind eye to. I didn’t want to see how much you meant to me.

Never did I imagine that I could be as happy as I am when I’m with you.

Though I still didn’t start to understand how I really felt about you until I broke your heart.

But still you didn’t relent until you thought it was too late

And then you broke mine too.

Now I am here with you tonight with you about to kiss me and I can’t believe it’s all real. With your lips press against mine I thank Berry for you as  I finally let go and lose myself with you.

“So I guess you really are my knight in shining armor Fade.”


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    As for the electric slide (lol) maybe at the end of this chapter and then possibly after the following one we will be saying goodbye to Hyp's generation and starting Roux's.

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