Monday, October 3, 2011

Just a heads up...

First thing is I'm sorry about the sporadic updates lately that I have lagged in getting out but as most you all know I am in the mists of doing an out of country move to Japan. Right now we are staying hotel for the next 5 days until Saturday, which is the first day of flying. We will be flying for 2 days and won't be in Japan until sometime Monday after 2 1/2 hour flight followed by an 18 hour.... yes an 18 hour flight and lastly a 7 hour flight since the 18 hour flight takes us 7 hours in the wrong direction of our destination. You see if it was a direct flight from Seattle to Japan it would have only been 11 hours >:(  

I am going to try to get the next one out sometime between now and the flights since all the moving of my household goods is taken care of now (Yay! We are all moved out of our house now! Hooray!)

So bear with me for a bit because I am dying to work on Starry's generation.


  1. Wow a move all the way over to Japan...I so wish I could go with you! But the long flight sounds like its going to suck big time =/ plus don't worry about being 'sporadic' with your updates, we all understand that life happens and sometimes you just can't get enough time in for games. So I Hope your flights go well, and that you transition into your new home well.

    P.S. You should totally take pics of Japan so I can live vicariously though you =P

  2. I will totally be taking a lot of pictures when we get there. I'm going to be setting up a tumblr account since I might do one of those picture a day things.

    But yeah that 18 hour flight I am not looking forward to at all (especially w/ 2 kids) I hate flying since I have a slight fear of planes. Which sucks because we'll be living around airplanes and jets until my DH gets out of the military (though it isn't that bad unless they fly really low to a point that my windows start to shake)

  3. Wow cupcake i feel for ya i hope the kids do well on the flight. Maybe you will get lucky and they will sleep for most of it O.o

  4. wow! So is speaking Japanese one of your talents as well? Hope the move goes well! :)

  5. @ Serendipity LoL no though I've been trying to learn it. I just have some mental block to learning it. The only language that I find easy to learn is Ukrainian.

    I plan on taking one of the language classes on base when we get there because I think it will be easier to learn it being taught it than trying to accomplish learning it on my own and teaching myself wrong pronunciations, etc.

    @Tinker I hope so but we're going prepared with a DS, mobigo, leap pad, movies on my i-pod, snacks, toys, coloring books and a few other things.

  6. Wow Japan! Thats a huge change. I hope everything goes smoothly (especially with the kids).