Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Petronia and Xiang MM Chapter 7

Later on after Xiang headed home, Petronia was getting ready for bed. She couldn't help but think of what happened earlier that night after she spent the day catching up with Fallon.

They had driven to a building the Petronia knew very well. Although after they entered she was greeted with a suprise. Sitting there typing away at the secretary's desk was her friend Cyril. "So I see She is making herself comfortable here." Petronia said with a smile. "Yes well She is waiting for you and has been for a while now. Get sidetracked I suppose?" Cyril said with a laugh. "Let me show you up."

Standing there watching the waves silently stood Her. "Cyril be a dear and make everyone some drinks." She said quietly as she continued to watch the waves crash below. Finally She turned around and took a seat at her desk.

"Now I believe you know why you've been summoned here Petronia. You see I wish for you to work for me, I have Fallon and Cyril already. But I am going to need you too." She explained. "What is it exactly that you need me for?" questioned Petronia. "Your Mother never needed my help."

"Yes, Tolie I'd rather not talk of Tolie or have anyone refer to her especially as my mother." She said darkly before continuing on."As you know my life has been quite a sheltered on. I've never realised it before until she was no more that she had never really taught me a thing and now I have to run this Empire Of Evil. But back to the subject at hand, when you are working for me I can easily make things go your and your boyfriends way. Infact I have already as you'll probably find out soon. " After a brief pause Petronia asked "What do you mean about that?"

"All in due time Petronia. You'll find out soon enough. Now you won't be working in the field exactly like Fallon is and has been. The job I need you to do is sort of something that I know you've been wanting to do your whole life. I just need for you just do what I say since it has come to my attention that the others have been moving in on our town. And looking over your file I knew that you were the right one for those assignments. You I do have the power to make alot of things happen in this town and it would be in your best interest to comply." She explained as she studied the statue on her desk.

Thinking it over Petronia agreed to the job and after a quick signing of a contract it was done. After she got up and was about to walk out the door She said to her "I knew you would see things my way as you and I are the same. We both in a way crave for something that neither of us can ever really have." Petronia paused then turning around "And what is that Lucy?" Petronia asked. "A normal life... But as our lives have never been destined for normalcy we might as live a little bit more comfrotably." Lucy replied.


Climbing into bed Petronia felt a sense of calmness. As she drifted off to sleep she remembered what Lucy said about the things that she has done already and what Xiang had said to her that night "In the time that I have been here I've seen glimpses of things." Then thoughts of the wedding drifted her happily to sleep.

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