Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Meringue Rainbowcy~A Legacy Gone Technicolor Chapter 8 Generation Creme

I pulled the car off the road to a diner parking lot before answering. “Dr. Meringue?” His deep voice came through the phone “Hey Punch” I said cordially greeting him back trying to mask the myriad of emotions that I had felt today. “Where are you?” he asked immediately. “In town at Mulberry Diner.” I answered looking out my window at the diner a glow with all of it’s neon lights. “I’ll be there in a few minutes.” I heard him say before he got off the line. So I tossed my phone back to it’s resting spot on my passenger seat and opened the door letting in the smell of delicious artery clogging fried diner food. I went in to find a table and put in an order for two coffees.

By the time Punch had arrived the waitress was just putting both cups of coffee on the table. After giving the waitress his order quickly he slide into the seat across from me and wasted no time asking me what was wrong. Over pancakes smothered in warm maple syrup and a slice of pecan pie thick with a mound of whipped cream and ice cream, I poured out the day’s events. Punch listened quietly with his cool turquoise eyes on me waiting until I had gotten everything out.

Finishing my second cup of coffee I placed it on the table and pushed it away. “So what do you think?” I asked “I think that is one of the most horrid bridesmaid’s dresses I’ve seen in a while.” Punch replied sipping on his coffee “Puunnncchh.” I said deliberately dragging out his name. “Fine it’s not that bad, could be worse but it isn’t. And I’m not just talking about the dress. I think you’ve dodged a bullet finding out what you did now before you invested anything else into that relationship.” Punch said briefly as the waitress dropped off the check. I began to reach for my clutch but he stopped me “Don’t worry I got this.” He said giving me one of those picture perfect smiles before pulling a credit card from his wallet.

After the check was paid for we wandered out by my car, there was a cool breeze sending in the scent of the ocean. I didn’t want to go home or rather play the part of a referee just yet with Sabayon and Glaisey still at each other’s throats. “So what are you going to do?” I asked as I fumbled in my clutch purse for my car keys. “I’m going home to watch the Saguaro horror-thon. I do have extra space on my couch that is if you’re interested…” Punch looked around innocently as he trailed off.

And before I knew it I was following him in my car driving through town to Punch’s house. When I pulled up behind him I could see that the house was one of the newer modern models that were along the beach that featured a lot of wall length windows. I couldn’t help but think to myself where the neighbors ever got an eye full.

Once we were inside I saw the modern designed house was filled with even more modern furniture and in front of me pointing out where the kitchen and bathroom were was the owner in his fashionable modern cut suit. “Wow your house is really nice.” I managed to say as I took it all in. “Thanks, it’s just my humble abode.” He replied back. Humble abode? I began to think of what he might think of my house. The house that had furniture that was at least over two decades old

As we sat down on his turquoise couch he flicked on the TV and an old black and white horror film came on the screen. “Looks like we’ve just caught the beginning of it.” He said as he put the remote on the coffee table.

After a while of watching movies my mind began to wander and over analyze things in a way that Sabayon would be proud. Over the course of today I realized that I had spent enough time acting like a mother figure to my siblings and doing what was expected of me, I wanted to live a little. I wanted to be gloriously reckless for once, although quite honestly I didn’t know how.

“So what did you think of The last Berry on Earth?” Punch asked as the film credits began to roll with the announcement on the next feature that would begin afterwards. Turning my head I looked at Punch and it was almost like I was looking at him for the first time. I was struck by how attracted I felt towards him. I’ve always found him to be quite attractive and I knew from the time he tried to ask me on a date that he liked me but nothing ever came of it due to me being in a relationship with Apple but now that road block was gone.

“Hey Punch.” I said softly and he turned his head towards me shifting his attention away from the movie. “Yeah?” He asked with those turquoise eyes on me and that’s when I did it. I finally did something out of character; with my lips upon his I felt a thrill of excitement as he returned my kiss.

Some how we found that we had moved ourselves to Punch’s room when Punch stopped. “Crème are you sure? I mean after today’s events?” he asked when he pulled away to look me in my eyes “I’m more sure about this right now than I’ve been in a while.” I said with a note of finality before I began to kiss him again. And with that kiss on his bed began the many nights that I would spend over Punch’s house.


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