Friday, April 1, 2011

The Meringue Rainbowcy~A Legacy Gone Technicolor Chapter 2 Generation Roux.

“Roux we need to talk.” I heard her say softly from behind me and even before I turned around I knew what I was going to be facing. Two and a half months must be a new record. I couldn’t help but think to myself as I faced her. “What’s up Sug?” I asked her as if I didn’t already know.

“It’s just that well I think that we should take a break. I mean I’m going to be really busy and I’m not sure that I have the time to devote to a relationship…” She began to say before trailing off while she watched me for a reaction waiting for my reply. Oh wait I’m supposed to be reacting to this in some way like it was a surprise instead of just standing here with a blank look on my face. “Oh… you’re breaking up with me?” I ask going through the same motions I had gone through with Frosty Fudge and a few others.

“Well it’s just that… well yes; I am breaking up with you.” She admitted while looking away from me and for a moment I followed her gaze and saw she was looking at a billboard across the road for Spiced hair products. “Did you hear that I’m going to be in advertisement for their hair products?” She asked quickly changing the subject to one that was more pleasant for her when she saw me looking at the billboard. “No I hadn’t.” I said before she launched into a one sided conversation about it as if nothing had happened like she didn’t just dump me.

While I was supposed to be listening I saw my brother across the courtyard with a girl that he had been dating for the past year. Watching them as they interacted they made it look like life was easy. But then again life had always been easy for Ashen as everything he has always known has been stable and unchanging. By lunch it had pretty much made it around the school that Sugared and I were through.

“Dude we’ll go down to the Gum Drop Room tonight and celebrate. You should be happy that, that’s all over and done with.” Dew said as he sat down next to me at our usual table followed by Curacao sitting on the other side along with Cheerio. They were right I should have been happy that Sugared and I were through but it still didn’t absolve the fact that I had been dumped by another fame seeker. No, I wasn’t sad or distraught I was angry and pissed off.

Sitting there at our lunch table I could see Sugared across the room talking excitedly to her friends and out of the corner of my eye I could also see Frosty Fudge. Suddenly I didn’t want to eat, I wanted to do something impulsive that would show her that I had moved on quickly from her and that she didn’t matter to me. “Hey dude where are you going?” Curacao asked as I got up and walked away. But I didn’t answer him instead I kept walking and as I passed Sugared’s table I caught her eye as I passed her.

As I roamed the empty halls I didn’t know yet what I was going to do. Almost everyone in our grade was in the lunchroom and everyone that wasn’t was in class. When I had reached the upper west wing and rounded the corner I saw Jellie Bean a girl that had transferred to here early on in the school year and one of Sugared friends that Sugared had mentioned a time or two that had a crush on me was coming out of the empty art room. “Heeeyyy Beanie. What are you doing out and about instead of being at lunch with Sugared and all?” I asked her as she shut the door and jumped. “Oh hey Roux, I didn’t see you there. I just had to finish up a project that I thought was going to take longer than it actually did so Mrs. Butters went to lunch while I finished. How’ve you been I heard, well that actually isn’t true…but umm how are you after Sugared and you…you know this morning.” Jellie asked me back nervously as she leaned against the door as her eyes flickered over me.

“Well you know how it is right?” I quietly replied as she gave me a sympathetic look. “Well you know if you ever need to talk…You can always talk to me.” Jellie said as she placed her hand on my arm and looked at me with her large bright pink colored eyes. “Hey why don’t you show me your project that you’ve been working on.” I suggested with a little bit of a playful smile as I slightly chewed on my lower lip. “Well… I shouldn’t because Mrs. Butters specifically told me not to let anyone else in the classroom after she left but she shouldn’t be back for a while now…So I guess come right in.” Jellie said as she opened the door behind her in one smooth move while keeping her eyes on me.

In the class it was slightly darkened with most of the blinds closed shut and a faint scent of paint cleaner in the air. “It’s over here.” Jellie said as I followed her to the center of the first row of easels. As I came around the easel I could see that it held a large painting that consisted of . “It’s beautiful.” I commented as I stood just close enough that our hands brushed each other.

Stealing a sideways glance at her I began to laugh. “What? What is it?” she asked me slightly bewildered “Nothing it’s just that I didn’t notice it before but you have a slight smudge.” I said as I reached over to wipe it off and as my hand touched her face I heard her lightly gasp as she looked away for a moment giving me the perfect opportunity to guide her gaze back to me when she said “I like you Roux. I know shouldn’t even be saying this since you and Sugared dated, but I really like you.” For a moment I was stunned at her sudden seemingly honest admission but wits immediately found their way back to me and I smiled as I said back to her “I really like you too.” before I kissed her in the quiet darkened classroom.

What had started out as a simple kiss quickly turned to something else. Through now rumpled clothes pulled loose and eschewed, somewhere between the possibility of getting caught and the forbiddances of being with your recent ex’s friend I found that things were beginning to go farther than I had intended when I first kissed Jellie and I began to wonder just how far could things go before lunch was over.

I guess in the back of my mind I had hoped it to be Sugared on her way to her after lunch art class that she was suppose to have today when I heard the sound of heels sharply clicking down the hallway, getting closer and closer to the classroom. Maybe that’s why I didn’t stop fooling around with Jellie when I heard the knob on the door begin to turn. The only thing that stopped us was the light flicking on brightly ahead and Mrs. Butter’s voice exclaiming “Mr. Meringue and Miss Bean what in the sweet world are the two of you doing in my class room!?!?”

It didn’t take her long to drag us both out of her classroom with our clothes completely disheveled as we hastily fixed them. Lunch had ended while we were doing so and all the other students were heading to their next classes. Through the crowd I saw Sugared take one look at me and Jellie as her eyes widened in surprise. All I could do as I was pulled by was smirk at her though as I looked to Jellie I could see her face was reddened as she began to cry. For the first time I realized that there might have been something wrong with our actions and that in my attempt to hurt Sugared I might have did more harm to Jellie who had been nothing but nice to me.

Sitting in the principal’s office Jellie refused to talk to me as even though I continued to apologize until the secretary told me that I had to be quiet until my mother got there. It didn’t take her too long to get there either from the studio that was only a few city blocks over. When she walked into the office she barely looked at me as she let the secretary know that she was there. The moments that she was in behind the doors to the principal’s office felt like an eternity as Jellie’s father arrived. Without as much as a glance at Jellie or even checking in with the secretary he just immediately walked right in there and Jelly began to cry again. “Jellie, it will be alright the most you’ll probably get is ground for the rest of the semester.” I tried in vain to comfort her from where I sat ignoring the secretary’s warning from just a few moments ago. But Jellie just glared at me like it was completely my fault before she turned away and looked at the painting behind the secretary. So I sat and waited in silence watching the hands on the clock tick by slowly as the voices in the office got a little louder, but not enough that I could hear what they were saying.

Eventually my mother came out with her face red in anger. As she looked at me she said “Well it’s done you’ve finally been officially expelled from St. Honorees.” I looked at Jellie for a second before asking “What about Jellie?” My mother just barely glanced at her and replied. “Well unlike you, Miss Bean has only been suspended because of her immaculate record since attending this school. Her father is still in the office with your principle. Now we’ve got to go and get your personal items from your locker since you are supposed to leave the grounds immediately in terms with your expulsion.”

They car ride home was no picnic as my mother went off into a tangent about my recent behavior since entering high school. Then when we got home she brought out a few tabloids showing my late-night endeavors a few of the times when Dew and I had snuck out. “My agent gave me these today before your school called! What were you thinking? About half of these places you are not even old enough to get into!” my mother said angrily as she handed me about a half a dozen tabloids. On the covers my face along with Dew’s and some other friends as we exited a few of the clubs were blazed across it with some text implying that I was some wild out of control teen. “I don’t know… I just wanted to get back at Sugared.” I quietly admitted barely able to meet her eyes since the words just sounded as stupid as my actions.

“Just go to your room, I can’t even think straight right now I am so angry right now.” She sighed as she walked away. Walking up the stairs I wondered how long I would be grounded for and what would happen next, where would I even go to school? Maybe I could be homeschooled then I wouldn’t have to deal with the stuff I had been dealing with since I started going.

When Fade got home I could hear him and my mother fighting from their room and I knew that they were fighting about me. “Maybe you should tell him about his father.” I heard Fade say but my mother just countered with “No, I don’t want him to find out about that…At least not yet until he is a little older and won’t do anything rash when he finds out.” Then it was just small tidbits of their conversation I could hear as they unsuccessfully tried to lower their voices. “Common what would he do?” … “Fade I just had to pick him up from school for being expelled because he wanted to get back at that girl Sugared, what do you think he might when he finds out?”… “At the rate we paid to have him in that school you think they would have been a bit more lenient.” And with that their arguement was over.

As much as I hated that Fade was sticking up for me I was glad that at least someone was. Shortly Ashen would be home with news of what went down after I was expelled. I didn’t doubt that what happened would be blown out of proportion and Jellie would be known for something that she wasn’t. Picking up the phone on my dresser I almost called her but I knew that she was in the same boat as me and I would be the last person she would want to hear from. One of the only girls from school that had always been genuinely nice and I just had to go and screw that up. Frustrated I threw the phone and it hit the wall just as I heard Ashen yell up the stairwell that he was home.


  1. That small, contented smile on Ashen... awww! Poor Jellie, what she will face everyday because of this :(

    I get the feeling that you are really enjoying this fresh change of perspective cupcake because it's coming across in your writing :D

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    Oh, Roux, what have you done? I also hope he finds out about his father soon. I guess he needs some stability in his life and knowing that will probably help.

  5. Well, i like Roux more than i did in the first chapter, at least he understands the mess he got Jelli into as well, he might just be a decent guy ;)

    'Tis very interesting Cupcake

  6. @Hush its fun to write from a against the world and everyone in it perspective lol

    @Abstractnotifications and Gomar
    It is very possible that Roux will be meeting his father in the next chapter...

    @Cami It might not be that bad for her...Roux does have a bit of a reputation that will be mentioned in the next chapter.

    @Music Shhh him being a decent guy at heart is a secret lol

  7. O.O Wow, he is more like his father than he knows!

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    How did you get Ashen & his lady friend into that pose?

  9. oh crap i blew his cover!
    But after reading this chapter i got the greatest idea for my own story down the road, it made my day ^_^

  10. @Risa LoL yes he is..

    @ Ashen is or rather was relaxing in bed (I deleted the bed) Using the debugenabler mod I was able to move him to the ground and the girl was getting ready to sit down using the picnic basket.

    @Music LoL its ok I don't think anyone noticed :$

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