Friday, July 29, 2011

Its been a while...

Since my last update with the Meringues I know. I've been moving at a snail's pace lately concerning them and for that I am sorry. I do really hope to get in an update soon (I know I've said that before this month already and it has yet to happen.) Hoping for the weekend since there is nothing really happening to my knowledge.

On another note DO NOT EVER try Feria's Midnight Star (which is suppose to be as it says a black violet color). Sure it looks all pretty and nice on the package but my hair is niether black nor violet but an odd brown maroon shade. And I am not the only one to have this problem now reading all the reviews online about this product. Not to mention that I just had 2 inches trimmed off this morning since it completely fried my ends. Never again Feria >:(

So yeah... Just thought I'd throw that out there as a warning to anyone else that sees that shade and falls in love with it too.

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