Saturday, December 10, 2011

Baby, its cold outside...

Happy Holidays 
(Thought I'd do the holiday picture early this year)

And we've hit over 100,000 hits!

If you haven't don't forget to check out Chapter 6 !


  1. awww they are so sweet!!!! man i love them as a couple :D

  2. Heya Cupcake ~ Since your doing the (great looking!) pic early i thought i would stop by to wish you an early Happy Holidays. Is it really all that cold where you are? It's been a chilly umm 65 where i am >_> :D. Congrats on the view count, your stories are great and although it may be a daunting task O.O i will read and catch up one o' these days. :)

  3. :D Thanks Tinker and Catlover. I'm trying to plan on doing some more hopefully with the other siblings to sort of show how they might have spent the holidays

    @Ronin Hiya Ronin thanks. Its been in the 30's here with on and off snow though most of it hasn't really be sticking yet to the road and is mostly melted off the grass by the afternoon :/ I bet your looking forward to all that nice cold weather up north :P

  4. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeerry Chiiiiiiiiistmaaaaaaaas!!! O' I wish it could be christmas every daaaaaay when the kids are singin' and the band begins to plaaaay. Uhm yeah lol. Merry Christmas cupcake. Lookin' forward to the next chapter. The meringues are my fave legacy family, then the chiffons :D

  5. Oh and I forgot to mention -- it's -4 here with 160mph winds with windchill of minus 15 so it's only minus 4 but with the wind it feels like minus 15 yeah .. living in Scotland Sucks!

  6. What pose is that? AND WHAT HAIR IS THAT, ON THE GIRL? (I haven't gotten to the beginning of your legacy so I don't know her name yet)
    This is soooo cute