Monday, April 19, 2010

The Meringue Rainbowcy~A Legacy Gone Technicolor Chapter 6 Generation Vanilla

Later on that night a little boy named Minte was born. We had decided to give him Jito’s last name before he took mine. Minte was a very easy going baby. The only time he ever really cried was in crowded rooms, but he was easily calmed when sung to which created some interesting situations when we were out.

Even though we had tried to prepare for Minte’s coming I don’t think any amount of reading could have prepared us. As first time parents everything was so new to us that we tended to get carried away. That winter though it was still a balmy 75 degrees outside a cold had been circulating around Sweet Valley and no one in the household was immune. Against our better judgement and the advice of all of our baby books we rushed little Minte to the clinic. The doctor assured us that everything was fine and gave us some helpful advice that would have been found in our books.

Unfortunately before we knew it a year had past and Minte had grown into a toddler. I could scarcely believe how big he had grown to in a small amount of time. With his hair fully grown in and his eyes at their final color we saw that so far he resembled me. I can’t say that Jito wasn’t slightly disappointed even though he hadn’t said a word but he was in love with the little bugger the same as I was.

But that wasn’t the only thing that was happening in our household, I was pregnant again. I know it was really soon with Minte just barely over a year but one of Jito and my dreams is to have a house full of scampering little legs and the pitter patter of little feet. Of course they won’t always stay that way, but that didn’t matter our house would be a full and happy one.

One day Jito came home from work with a question for me. I was sitting down at our kitchen table enjoying my fabulous fudgy fishie filled ice-cream when he decided to get my opinion on a matter that has been on his mind for a few days. “Vanilla, we need to talk. I know and you know that we want a large family but on our salaries it has been hard to make ends meet around here, especially with another one on the way. I want to join the military.” He paused searching my face for a reaction. “Oh Jito I don’t know.” I started to say reluctantly. “Angel, Sweetland has been so good to us and our family it would be an honor to serve for it. Besides are we not a neutral country? It’s not like we will ever go to war.” Jito persisted “Jito, how could I say no? And you’re right Sweetland has been good to us and our family.” I agreed rubbing my belly as I felt the baby kicking feeling pretty good about the decision that we were making.

Not to long after we had made out decision Jito had to leave for boot camp. It was hard not having him around, Minte and I missed him horribly. Whenever I would get letters from Jito in the mail I would sit down with Minte and read them out loud. When we sent our letters I would always include one of Minte’s scribblings known as his artwork. The more letters he sent the more excited I would get because I knew that everyday was a day closer to me being back in his arms, I just hoped it would be before the baby would arrive.

Unfortunately that was not how it worked out...

After a painful labor little Spearmint was born. He had his father's minty shade of green skin and what appeared to be green eyes already. We won't know until he is a toddler but we both hope the green eyes stay.


  1. Oh yay! What a precious little guy. Great chapter as usual cupcake!

  2. Baby Minte and Spearmint are soo cute! Can't wait to see how he grows up?

  3. oh poor Vanilla, being alone with a newborn and a toddler wont be easy

  4. I just started reading today. All I have to say is...yay babies!! I love it! (:

  5. Aww Jito, I hope he'll be okay :/ and poor old Vanilla raising her boys by herself atm!! She can do it!♥ Have to say, I'm kinda hoping she has a baby girl too :')

  6. CUTEST names! Minte & Spearmint. I wish I was allowed to name my IRL children that!