Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Petronia and Xiang MM Chapter 3

The next day after work Petronia headed over to the gym. After changing into her workout clothes she headed towards the excerise machines. There she saw Xiang lifting wieghts, she couldn't help but stare for a moment or two.

Xiang was quick to tell her about his promotion. "Looks like Sunset Valley is well suited for you. " Petronia said as she congradulated him

They chatted for a bit about what else had happened during their day. After a while Petronia suggested that they go out to grab a quick bite to eat in celebration of Xiang's promotion. " I know a place that serves breakfast all the time, lets go and get some pancakes to celebrate."

After stuffing themsevles with the syruppy goodness of Pete's Pancakes, they headed outside to hail a cab to take them back to their townhomes. Petronia not wanting the night to end just yet remembered that she had just picked up a new movie the other day. "Hey, if you are not tired or anything yet you can come over and watch a movie with me" Petonia hinted. "Sure sounds like fun" Xiang replied.

Back at Petronia's they laughed and joked about the movie.

Then they got into a staring contest.

Soon it was getting late and tomorrow was another workday. Petronia walked Xiang to the door to say goodnight and goodbye. " I had a great time tonight, hopefully we will be able to do it again " Xiang said to Petronia.

"I would like that very much " Petronia said to Xiang as she kissed him goodbye.

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