Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Petronia and Xiang MM Chapter 2

The following day after Petronia got home from work, she saw Xiang getting home too. Now is my chance. She thought to herself as she walked over. "Hi, I'm your neighbor Petronia.Welcome to the neighborhood." She said as she greeted him. "My name is Xiang, nice to meet you."

They made small talked about their careers for a while. Petronia found out that Xiang had been transferred here because of his corporate job.

Petronia chatted a bit about her job as a police officer, even telling him her hopes to become a spy one day.

They talked until after the sun went down. Pretty soon it was getting late and they both need to get up early to go to work. "So what are you doing tomorrow after work?" Petronia asked shyly "I'm heading to the gym, if you want we could meet up there and do something afterwards." Xiang replied with a smile."Sounds like fun. Mabye you can help train me" She said with a giggle

"I'll see you tomorow then at the gym" Petronia said blushingly as she gave him a quick hug goodbye, before heading quickly into her townhouse.

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