Monday, July 19, 2010

10,000 hits...

I just noticed my blog has gotten over 10,000 hits since I've added the counter to it. I would celebrate this post with a picture of pancetta covered meatballs but unfortunately they were all eaten before I could take one. :/


  1. Tonight's dish was baked ziti with garlic bread, but I didn't take pictures =[. Trust me was delish!

    Congratz on 10K!!! =]

  2. Thanks and that sounds good. Right now I'm making all of my husbands favs since he is leaving on Wed. The other day it was homemade fried chicken that had been marinating in a buttermilk mixture.

  3. Congratulations :D

    Just so you know, it's customary when you get 10k views to reward your followers with either cake or pie...