Saturday, July 24, 2010

My first Assignment for The Berry Sweet Competition #5

Fraise loved her job, being able to bring new lives into the world and saving ones that were almost on their way out. She hoped to one day have a baby of her own but with her hours it was hard to have a love life. Most of the guys she dated didn’t understand why she chose to work the hours that she did. But still she could hope and dream about having a family of her own, to one day be the one that was having her baby handed to her.


  1. Fraise was one of my picks for the top 16 too!
    Glad you got in and that picture is amazing...looking forward to competing with you..assuming I last past the first round hehe

  2. Great pic mate, the poses of the sims in it are brilliant ;)

  3. Thanks Pistolkitten, I love forward competing with you and your Tutti McFruti(If I make it through the first round too) Whom by the way I agree is fabulous.

    Thanks poida, I've been getting better at having my sims pose.