Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I know its late...

But I hope everyone had a great fourth of July, ate some great food and had some fun! I leave you with a picture of some apple pie I made.


  1. PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Too bad I don't like pie :O

    You should have made cupcakes instead ;P

  2. I had quite a demand for my pie thought since it is all made from scratch, from the pie dough made the old fashion way (aka using lard in the pie crust) to the sauce that is added on top of the apples. No one wanted cupcakes :(

  3. That looks delicious (and sounds awesome -- I also like making pies from scratch that way, the way my grandmothers did with lard in the crust). That pie makes me even hungrier than I already was... :( But thank you for posting the pic! <3

    And I ADORE your banner. That's all shades of cool...

  4. Thanks. I'm always surprise by the reaction that people give when they find out what's in the crust. You can almost see in their expression them wieghing their options "Crap there is lard in this, what do I do? Should I spit it out? But it tastes soooo goooooddd." *swallows* Then utters "Really? That's interesting." O.O

    And thanks about the banner too.