Monday, August 30, 2010

Untitled random short writing thing and Berry Competition 5 Assignment 5

This is something I wrote a bit ago that I wasn't sure if I should make it into a story or what. Just some of my ramblings.

"Tell me, what do you see?” He asked as his eyes were glazed over with curiosity from what he had heard our fellow classmates whisper about me.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” I replied as I stuffed the rest of my books into my locker trying to ignore Brian McKinely questioning me. He had just moved here this past fall and was quick to make friends with everyone; it was only a matter of time until he heard the rumors about me. Though I was surprised that he would out right ask me in school, most of my classmates went through lengths to avoid me as they deemed me crazy.

What I see is hard to explain as I see many things, but the one that is most apparent is what I see when I look at people. Perhaps you’ve heard of the saying time heals all wounds, every time someone feels intense emotional pain over time it will fade. But for me the wounds I see are never fully heal and what’s left behind is the scars, each one of them telling me the story behind it. All of that person’s deepest darkest secrets are so plainly visible for me to see, thick or thin scars etched upon that persons face or body depending on what they live has held for them.

And my Berry Competition for Assignment 5
Falling asleep at night Fraise would dream berrysweet dreams. One of her favorites included a beach wedding in which it actually snowed, It was so beautiful that even her very reserved best friend Creme overcome with emotion and couldn't hold back the tears of joy. The only problem was that she was standing at the alter in her nightie instead of a wonderful wedding dress. Oh well at least she wasn't up there in her undies.

And in other news I am feeling alot better  (Thankyou painkillers and nightguard ~insert cheesy infomercial type smiley~) I think I might have an update for The Meringues either later on tonight or sometime tomorrow. Also I have decided to not do another chapter from generation 2 but get started on Generation 3 with Taffy leading the way.

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