Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Meringue Rainbowcy~A Legacy Gone Technicolor Chapter 6 Generation Hypnotiq

“So you really remember me?” I asked Blue as we laid in the old wooden boat trapped in the waters of the Oasis. “How could I not? It’s not everyday a boy gets kissed by a pretty girl behind the Terra Cotta Army after running away. Besides it is not like Gourd would let me live it down getting kissed or my father would ever let me forget how I embarrassed him in front of the whole embassy.” Blue said as he lazily trailed the tips of his fingers up and down my arm.

For the past almost two weeks we hung out every day, even after my father had finally gotten in with the of every night we would meet up at the house for dinner and that we would at least take in a sight or two. So far with Bombay and Scotch hanging around with us, so our relationship was going along slowly and we only had another day left. We flirted with each other constantly and I really wanted to kiss him, really kiss him not just a peck on the cheek. But I wanted him to kiss me or at least want to kiss me enough that he just had to.

“Did you get into a lot of trouble?” I asked him as I turned to look into his cornflower blue eyes. “I wasn’t able to go home for summer or winter break as my father didn’t want me to embarrass him anymore so I stayed hidden away at school until he felt I had learned my lesson.” Blue said bitterly before continuing “But it was worth it because had I not you would have just been some random girl I bumped into at the airport. Instead you were the girl that gave me my first kiss.”

“Your first… really?” I asked watching him to see if he was being serious but instead of answering me Blue leaned in close, his forehead touching mine. As he stared into my eyes he whispered simply “Yes.” As I just thought Kiss me, kiss me. Kiss me now. We were so close to each other I could see his blue eyes had icy blue little flecks in the iris. Any moment now! I thought as he leaned closer with his lips just barely brushing mine. “Hey guys, whatcha doing?” Bombay’s voice crashed through the trance loudly and we both moved a way from each other. “Nothing much now.” I said under my breath.

“Well, we just had the idea of sneaking out tonight and do a little tomb raiding. You and I will head out after dad goes to sleep tonight and meet up with Scotch and Blue. What do you think?” Bombay explained as Scotch cut in “It’s our last night here together we might as well go out with a bang and do something fun.” I looked at Blue who was obviously considering their plan. “Alright count me in.” I said just as Blue said “Fine we’ll do it.”

Later that night as the sun dipped down behind the mounds of sand the air began to cool off and the breeze that was once hot was now a cool welcoming one. Over dinner with our father we talked about our day and our reluctance to head back home. Bombay and I both shared the same sentiment that we did not want this vacation to end one bit.

By the time we went to bed we were anxious to get out already and meet up with the boys. As we laid in our bed Bombay and I whispered back and forth “So you and Blue still haven’t kissed yet?” She asked me in hushed tones. “No, we haven’t. Every time we are about to we get interrupted.” I shot back at her. “Hey it’s not my fault the two of you move so slowly. Scotch and I made out the first day we met them. Are you sure you are not having a guilty conscience since you are sorta dating Kiwi? ” Bombay whispered with a smirk.

“No I’m not. Besides Kiwi and I as you very well know are not exclusive. So why would there be any guilt?” I asked quietly as I looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand. In bold numbers it read 12:15 am. Dad had to be asleep by now, the house had been quiet for a while and we had agreed to meet the boys at 12:30. Slipping out of bed and quietly walked over to the dresser and put my clothes back on. Looking in the mirroer as I  smoothed my outfit back into place I was satisfied with how I looked. “Common we need to get going now if we want to meet them on time.” I said as I turned to Bombay who was just climbing out of her bed.

Off into the night we went quietly not making a sound as we left our house. We walked our Vespas a short distance away from the house before we got on and rode off to meet the guys. It didn’t take us long to get there, as we pulled up to the ruins we could see Blue and Scotch waiting for us with a bag. “You girls ready to go inside?” Blue asked with a smile. “We’re ready. Aren’t these places suppose to have someone guarding them?” I asked suspiciously.

“Well that’s why we shouldn’t waste anytime and go in.” Scotch answered as he put his arm around Bombay. “Shall we?” Blue asked me as he put his arm around me and we began to walk into the. Twisting and turning down each of the halls we found an open room where we set up a camp like site with the supplies that the boys had brought. Scotch pulled out a bottle and said “Hey I snagged this from the Embassy since we would get into more trouble if we actually bought any nectar, even though we all are the legal drinking age here.” He said as he rolled his eyes while twisting the cap off before continuing “Any who anyone up for a drinky, drink, drink?”

“I’m game.” Bombay answered him and took a quick swig of the bottle. “Now Bomb we are much more civilized than that.” Scotch gently chided her as he pulled out some plastic clear plastic cups and began to fill them up. As I took one I could smell the sweet smell of spiced nectar wafting up from the cup. I took a little sip and set it down next to me while Blue did the same. For a while the four of us sat around sipping from our cups of nectar just hanging out together. But eventually we broke off in pairs, Blue and I were the first to as he nudged me and whispered “Let’s check out some more of this place.” So we left Bombay and Scotch together as we went off.

Through the winding maze like corridors of the tomb we came across many rooms, but eventually we came to one with a. As I looked around it in amazement, Blue came over and put his arms around me. With the slight feeling of tipsiness the nectar gave me and being in his arms I felt like I could have easily melted away right there. “Sometimes I think its fate that has brought us together.” He began to say softly in my ear “After finding out all the places you’ve been and the times that you’ve come here, its like we’ve just barely been missing each other.” Smiling to myself I teased “I’m sure you say that to all the girls, that it is fate an all.” My statement made he laugh for a moment.

As he turned me around gently, he held me so close I could see nothing but those eyes again. “Then what would you call it?” He asked me, though he didn’t wait for me to answer as his lips quickly and finally found mine. What can I say about our first kiss? Of all the kisses that I have shared with Kiwi none of them could ever compare to this. I don’t know how long our first kiss lasted but things began to move quickly, though now looking back on it I am not surprised they did.

“Are you sure you want to?” Blue asked me, his confident smile was gone and in its place he nervously chewed on his lip. Looking at him I thought of what to say, something witty, or perhaps something that would make me look more mature than what I actually was. But I came up with nothing so I took his original lead, without saying a word I brushed a few stray hairs out of his face and as I kissed him I knew that I was as unsure as he was but right there at that moment there was no other choice that I would want to make.

“So you don’t think any of this was fate?” He asked as we began to get dressed, but I just rolled my eyes and laughed at him “I’m serious Hyp; if it’s not then what is it?” He asked again persistently. “I don’t know Blue, why does it even matter?” I in turn asked him back, lost in his eyes once again before I continued. “If there is then I hope that it pushes us back together after this. I don’t want to believe in something that may not happen again. What happens to us after this vacation?”

“I’m graduating at the end of spring and then going to college a week afterward. I don’t know where that leaves us. Not to mention your Kiwi back home. I’m sure he’ll be happy with your return. said simply and plainly as he took a sip from his cup as we both finished getting dressed. “Right, Kiwi.” I replied as Kiwi’s face flashed through my mind momentarily before asking him. “Do you think we will ever be together?” For a moment he just looked at me before smiling and as he lightly traced his fingers down the side of my face before cupping my chin. “Yes, because that is what we have fate for.”

We found Bombay and Scotch together with an empty bottle of nectar laughing about something that only made sense to the two of them. As we cleaned up our mess making sure that it looked exactly the way it had when we first got there, a small wrapped box with my name on it fell out of the bag that the boys had brought.

“So whats this?” I asked as I picked up the box. Blue looked up and saw me with the box with a grin he explained “It’s something I got for you since we will be leaving tomorrow. I was going to give it to you when we dropped you off back at your house. But you can open it up now if you want”

As I opened up the package I found inside a cameo carved from a green, blue stone that was fastened to a pale blue velvet chocker. “It’s beautiful Blue.” I said as I removed it from the box. “Here I’ll help you.” Blue said as he took the necklace from me and fastened it easily around my neck and put my neckerchief on over it to protect it. Taking my hand Blue and I began to walk out of the ruins with Bombay and Scotch behind us.

“Fudgin’ Paparazzi.” Blue cursed under his breath as he saw the lone guy with a camera waiting underneath a palm tree. As Bombay and Scotch stumbled out of the tomb the man began to snap pictures of our group angering Blue. “You want to take pictures of us? Well here is your picture.” He yelled at the man before passionately kissing me. As he stopped and pulled away I could hear the camera still clicking away as the man took his photos of us. Blue looked down at me smiling and began to laugh; swept away I began to laugh too.


  1. Hahaha! So glad Blue and Hypnotiq are together, but I'm not sure the whole "WooHoo-in-a-tomb" was the best idea ever. :/ But I love how Blue kissed her in front of the paparazzi. Awesome.

  2. Yea but teens don't always make the best of decisions.

  3. Aww, i have been reading this legacy for about a month and i LOVE IT! its def one of my favourites. i knew Blue would come up some how, hes too gorgeous to be forgotten

  4. Ooops that's gonna get Blue in quite a lot of trouble with his dad when those pictures come out. But I love the moments they had together so cute!

  5. I can already tell its going to be awkward when she meets his folks . . .
    :P <3

  6. gotta love the paparazzi for that. Something tells me Roq won't be thrilled either.
    Watch, the two dads know eachother

  7. Thanks everyone. I would love to comment on some of the comments but I don't want to give too much away just yet.

  8. Whooo thats hawt! Blue and Hyp had a little sexual tension bottled up there obviously! XD Loved it. Aww the cameo is gorgie!

  9. uh oh, i hope that Woo Hoo doesn't come back to bite her in the butt later...
    and Blue's guna get in trouble for that picture...

  10. Oh dear, I dont think Blues father is going to be too happy with him. I hope that doesnt affect Blue getting to see Hyp in the future.

  11. Oooh! Woohooing in a tomb, eh? Hehehe it's sweet how he got her the necklace, and I love your pics especially the one where he is nuzzling up next to her. I hope she gets to Kiwi before that pic does though!

  12. Awwww<333 The necklace is just too cute, as is their relationship :')