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The Meringue Rainbowcy~A Legacy Gone Technicolor Chapter 7 Generation Hypnotiq

Needless to say when we left Tahini Bombay and I were not in the best of spirits. The whole plane ride home she cried off and on. I tried to cheer my soggy mess of a sister up but she would not be consoled. Things didn’t get better as we went back to school and I saw Kiwi. “Hey haven’t heard from you in a while thought you were going to send me some post cards from Tahini?” He said as soon as soon as he saw me at my locker. “Not to mention you said that you would call when you got back…”

“I’ve been busy Kiwi, I’ve had a lot on my mind lately.” I replied as I avoided looking at him. Truthfully I did feel a bit guilty about what happened between Blue and I, even though Kiwi and I were not exclusive. “Did something happen in Tahini? Before you left everything between us was great and now that your back it’s like you don’t even want to talk to me.” He stated flatly as he grabbed my hand in an effort to get me to stop and look at him.

“Truthfully something did happen in Tahini, I met someone Kiwi. Someone great and that I don’t know if I will ever see again.” I said as soon as I connected with his sweet onyx black eyes. “Do you still talk to him?” Kiwi asked me with one simple question that would detrimine the fate of our relationship. “No, we exchanged information but I haven’t talked to him again.” I answered honestly and as I told him this I could see him almost sigh with relief before he spoke again. “Hyp I really like you a lot and I want us to start going out officially as girlfriend and boyfriend. If I had asked you to be my girlfriend before you went on vacation you wouldn’t have met someone else.”

“I don’t think us dating would have stopped me from meeting him. I like you and all but I want to be able to see other people honestly.” I said slowly waiting for his reaction because I knew he would be angry and I was right. As soon as I said that his disposition changed, the muscles in his jaw tighten and his eyes became angry slits. “What? You are breaking up with me?” He asked me in disbelief.

“No, in order to do that we would have had to be going out in the first place Kiwi. Look at it this way we are in High School and summer vacation will be starting real soon. I don’t want to be in a serious relationship right now, I’m sorry.” I tried to explain to him but he didn’t want to hear any of it. “Whatever Hyp.” He said angrily as he walked away. As I watched him my stomach began to do somersaults while the warning bell rang. I didn’t care that I was going to be late for class as a memory from my trip to Tahini flashed through my mind quickly with each rolling wave of nausea. I could only hope that the cafeteria food was the cause of this and not something else.

After school I grabbed Bombay up quickly and whispered in her ear my delima and we quickly went to the store to pick up a test. Sitting in the bathroom together as we waited for my test to show the results, Bombay and I began to discuss the outcome possibilities. “Oh My …You are going to be like one of those girls on Berry Sweet Teen Mom Hyp.” Bombay said to me with her eyes wide open. “That’s not true Bomb…At least of we know yet. Has it been 5 minutes yet?” I asked her nervously as I felt my stomach. Looking at her watch she nodded her head and watched me as I checked the pregnancy test.

Not two but one line. One line, which would mean…

“Bomb I’m not pregnant. It really was just the food at school.” I said feeling such a rush of relief that I couldn’t even begin to explain. And in the bathroom I made a promise to myself that I never wanted to be in this situation again.

The next couple of weeks past by in a blur as Azure and Aquatini not only celebrated their graduations but their birthdays a few days afterwards. Azure talked about getting an apartment in town with his long time girlfriend Scarlett, while Aqua decided to stay at home while she did her internship at the hospital that Grandma used to work at.

About halfway through summer our Aunt Punchy called one evening to let us know that she was giving one last concert before taking her leave from work during the rest of her pregnancy. And that concert would be with The Cereal Kings our favorite band that she had been working with. Since Bombay and I had managed to get our licenses right before summer started we were able to convince Grandma and Grandpa to let us drive to Briocheport to stay with at Aunt Punchy’s apartment and attend the concert.

On our way to the city we cranked up the radio and sung along with the songs amusing a few of the other drivers on the road. The sun was high in the sky indicating it was around noon when we arrived into the city. By the time we found Aunt Punchy’s it was after lunch. We didn’t have much time to eat lunch, unpack and get ready for the concert so we would arrive early since Aunt Punchy had arranged for us to met The Cereal Kings. When we arrived at the club it was empty and the band’s roadies were just setting up, testing the lighting, visual and sound effects.

So before the concert started we were able to meet the band, the Psychobilly sensation The Cereal Kings. We were able to get a picture with the lead singer and guitarist Count Chocula.

A picture with the Bass player Franken Berry

Also a picture with Boo Berry the drummer, who was hilarious and couldn’t stop making Bombay and I laugh.

Plus a group picture of us with the band.

“The next song we are going to do you all might recognize. It’s an oldie but goodie, back from when we used to do cover songs…” Count Chocula spoken into the microphone a few moments before the song started when something or rather someone caught my eye. Leaning against the wall as he saw me looking at him a smug smirk spread across his face and he winked at me. His hair that started out grey ended with black tips was spiked and earring in his ear glinted at me in the flashing lights. Rolling my eyes I looked away turning my attention back on to the band.

As if it were clockwork as soon as the crowd recognized the song they began to pair off into twos, closely dancing together. “Would you like to dance?” I heard someone say but when I turned my head toward their direction I saw that they were asking Bombay. Crossing my arms tightly I watched them almost enviously as they walked away together. When someone standing close enough to make me feel their breath as they spoke said. “Well you don’t look pleased one bit. Were you hoping that it would have been you instead?”

♫When marimba rhythms start to play
Dance with me, make me sway
Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore
Hold me close, sway me more♫

Looking to my right I saw that it was that smug guy with the spiky hair. “And I suppose you are going to be my knight in shining armor and ask me to dance?” I scoffed while moving myself slightly away. “I didn’t really take you for the kind of girl that needs to be saved. Maybe the other girl you were with, but not you. The name is Fade, what’s yours?” He asked as he smiled smugly again. “Fade? That’s interest I guess. Mines Hypnotiq.” I said introducing myself. “And you’d call my name interesting. Well Ms. Hypnotiq would you like to dance with me before this song is over?” He asked in a proper gentleman like manner though he came across as sarcastic when he did so. But still I did want to dance and it was my favorite song…

♫Like a flower bending in the breeze
Bend with me, sway with ease
When we dance you have a way with me
Stay with me, sway with me♫

Taking the lead he walked me out into the crowd as he gripped my hand tightly. As he pulled me close I saw his eyes were the color of an overcast sky that looked as if it were on the verge of a storm coming in. “See something you like?” He asked when I guess he noticed me looking at him. “You are impossible.” I said feeling slightly irritated at him. “I’m told that is one of my best qualities.” He replied in what I thought was a pompous manner.

♫Sway me, make me
Thrill me, hold me
Bend me, ease me
You have a way with me♫

“You know what you are?” I asked him and right before I could tell him he answered. “Amazingly witty, charming, and handsome? No, alright how about brash, sarcastic and maybe a little bit of a berryhole.” I have to admit the last part made me smile just a little bit. “That’s more like it. So where are you from Fade?”

♫Other dancers may be on the floor
Dear, but my eyes will see only you
Only you have that magic technique
When we sway I go weak, I go weak♫

“I live right here in Briocheport. And let me guess you’re not from around here?” He asked me as we danced together with Count crooning in the background. “How did you guess?” I asked him suspiciously. “For one thing if you were from here I would probably know you. Unless you were one of those snooty kids from the hills that go to St. HonorĂ© Prep and you don’t really seem to be one of them.” Fade answered me. “And how do I seem?” I asked feeling more curious than I should. “Well you seem like you wear your heart on your sleeve with your emotions, from across the dance floor I could tell by your expression exactly what you wanted.” He replied.

♫Make me thrill as only you know how
Sway me smooth, sway me now
Make me thrill as only you know how
Sway me smooth, sway me now♫

“Is that such a bad thing?” I asked him back as the song ended and a new one with a faster tempo began. “It’s refreshing, coming from my neighborhood everyone has their guard up all the time and some the them are not so sweet anymore.” He replied with his arms still around me even though the song had changed and the people around us had stopped dancing together. I wasn’t one to complain as Fade almost had a certain charm to him when he wasn’t acting like as he put it a berryhole. “Let’s get something to drink.” He said over the music.

As Fade held my hand we made our way over to the bar. Bombay and the guy that asked her to dance were talking up a storm. But as we came closer it seemed that he recognized Fade as his smile turned into a sneer and Fade’s hand tightened over mine. “I see they’ll let anyone in nowadays.” He said to Bombay though it was evident that his remark was meant for Fade as he stared him down. “Got something to say to me prep?” Fade challenged him as I realized that Bombay’s guy went to St. HonorĂ©’s Prep School. And for a moment I wondered if he knew Blue before the guy answered.

“And what if I did? What would you do?” The guy challenged him back. “Fragoli don’t.” Bombay placed her hand on his arm and began to plead with him, but he just shook her off. Fade answered him with one simple little word “This.” Quickly making a fist he punched Fragoli square in his jaw. After that the fight went quickly before it was broken up by friends of both sides. “Common, lets get out of here Fade. It's not worth getting kicked out of here and banned.” A boy with blue green hair said to him as he held him back.

“Fine, let’s get out of here.” Fade said as his friend let go. Walking over to me he whispered “Met me tomorrow night at the Crusty Loaf Dive Bar. It’s on 5th and 22nd” and with that Fade, the blue-green haired boy and a few other friends that had gathered around us left. “Are you really going to met him?” Bombay asked her face was scrunched up in a nervous concerned look but I didn’t pay and heed to what she was feeling when I answered. “Possibly maybe..”


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  2. @Smuzie I have a feeling that Fade will be stealing a lot of hearts as the story progesses.

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    @Phoebe Right now there is no doubt that Hyp would pick Blue in a heart beat but who knows (Besides me lol) what might happen down the road in the story.

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    You're a very good story teller, especially since you don't have your characters only date one person :)

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  11. Hi meggyreap and Mally, thanks for commenting! Yea I like to add in somewhat of a sense of realism(as odd as that sounds with having a story revolving around blue, green etc sims.) So my sims will rarely only date one person during their life.

    @theclarkes What kind of a bad boy would he be with out a motorcycle LOL

    And thankyou to everyone else for reading and commenting. I would love to comment on alot of the comments but I really don't want to give too much away with the storyline.

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