Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Your Funeral~An Undead Modeling Comp First Assignment.

The last time I lived there wasn't even a name for the year. The nights were starting to get colder and the tribe that was to the south of us was starting to invade our territory. Anytime soon we knew we were going to have to fight or begin roaming again to find a new home. Inspite all of these hardships we were able to band together and one of the happier moments I remember of my life was when the our fire would burn bright with the scented of roast meat in the air as we told stories and tales of the gods.


  1. Oh good I can comment here, the forums are being a bit of a pill.

    This is just amazing cupcake! I could stare at it forever, especially with hairy chests oh my!

  2. Thanks Hush! Yes, the cavemen needed some hairy chests. LOL I don't know what EA has against men having some sort of body hair.

  3. I know right? Awesome pic cupcake!