Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Meringue Rainbowcy~A Legacy Gone Technicolor Chapter 13 Generation Hypnotiq

Fade’s departure had a surprisingly devastating effect on me. The two weeks leading up to the day I found out I was pregnant were some of the hardest I’ve ever been through. I wanted nothing more than to go and find him but I didn’t know what would happen if I did. The thought of Fade rejecting me scared me more than the positive pregnancy test. Up until the day that I found out I was pregnant I was sure that had Fade stayed instead of disappearing I would have left Blue in a heartbeat. But a moment could change everything and as I saw the second line appear almost immediately after the first I knew that Blue and I was far from finished. I could hear the TV in living room as Blue gave his acceptance speech as I walked slowly and dazed over to the sofa. The picture on the screen of a smiling Blue and Purrberry illuminated the darkened room. I felt hopeless as I knew that there was a small change the baby could be Fade’s but like the glaring glow of the TV I knew that it was more likely to be Blue’s.

My pregnancy brought a few changes to my life, the movie that I had signed to do, had to be moved up and finished filming before I began to show. My agent and publicists were angry with me withholding the father’s identity as they scrambled to spin my pregnancy into something positive to the media when we were ready to break the news. The more I protected Blue the more it seemed that I brought myself down but what was the alternative? Admitting that I was sleeping with the man beloved by our country? I could practically read the headlines on how I betrayed the innocent Purrberry with seducing her husband and having a baby just to try to get him to leave her.

Telling Blue the news was no walk in the park. When he became the leader of our country I barely saw him and when I did it never seemed like the right moment. Either we were not alone or he was stressed and tense and popping the news didn’t seem like such a good idea. Finally the night before I had to leave for Chambery the house was oddly almost empty save for a few security guards on duty. Most of the rooms were completely packed as they prepared for their move into Sweetland Manor the home that all of our leaders lived in once elected.

I found Blue downstairs relaxing with glass of nectar, sipping it while looking around at the almost empty room. It always struck me as odd this being the only room in the house that was not decorated in Blue and Purrberry's signature style. The instruments from the stage had been removed along with the television and the games. He smiled at me at first when he saw me and I guess when I saw that it gave me the courage to say what I said next thinking that maybe, just maybe it would be possible. “Blue I’m pregnant… I really want you to be apart of our baby’s life and not just in secret. I want you to I don’t know be able to be seen at the park with him or her. Please Blue now that you’ve been elected, things can change right?”

As he fixed another drink at the bar I could see his muscles tense. This topic was no stranger to our relationship, but now that I was pregnant it was of the utmost importance to me that we would discuss it again. “Blue will you just think about it?” I pleaded as he slammed his glass down on the counter of the bar. “Hypnotiq it’s been thought of. You knew what you were getting yourself into.” He seethed angrily

“What I was getting myself into? I am not the only one here Blue you are too. What happened to the boy that I knew that hated all of this or that rebellious teenager that well rebelled against this, the ones that I fell in love with? ” I changed my stance matching his tone but as I said this I watched the muscles in his body relax as his shoulders sagged. “They grew up and realized what’s important.” He began to say dejectedly but I couldn’t stop myself before I asked him “Am I not important to you?”

“Hypnotiq you are important me, but my career is more. And you knew this when you came into this. I have sacrificed so much to get this far in my career so I can change this country for the better. But none of this means anything to you, all the good I’ve done with my career and what I can continue to do. What do you think that Leader of the Senate Zours would do if he found out that I had gotten pregnant the daughter of the man who left his niece at the alter and planned to leave my wife who is also a distant relative of his? Or how the media would spin it? What do you think would happen then Hypnotiq? It would be suicide for my career.” Blue spat out, his eyes had formed into angry little slits while he was talking until he focused on me and they began to soften as he smiled tiredly.

“Look we will work things out somehow. I’ll help with whatever you will need for our baby and more than that I want to be a part of their life. In fact I want you to move out of the city up to The Hills here. I think it would make it a lot easier on you during and after your pregnancy not to have the paparazzi taking pictures as soon as you step out of your apartment building. At least up here there is a lot more security so we don’t have as much of a problem with those vultures as you do in the city. We could easily arrange for you to have a house here in your name” Blue said calmly as he tried to convince me to move from the city. But I didn’t want to move I loved the city, my independence and freedom. If I moved into a house given to me from Blue it would have made me indebted to him in a way that I didn’t feel comfortable as long as he was still married.

Though I might not have moved to the Hills Blue kept to his word with providing for our baby. After filming in Chambery wrapped up I came home to a brand new nursery bedroom set that had been delivered the day before and a skeptical sister who just over saw the workers re-wallpaper and floor her old room. From birth until the beginning of this affair Bombay had been my closest confident but being with Blue I had to close myself off from her and often lie about who I was seeing or who the father of my unborn child was. As it was she was just finishing moving out and into the apartment of her co-anchor, who she had been dating on and off since moving to Briocheporte. With her help I was able to move the furniture that Blue had sent into her old room.

“So you are really doing this?” I asked her to which she only nodded and replied “This is only a two bedroom apartment, you’re going to need the extra room for ‘ya know…”

“And you really like this newscaster thing you’re doing?” I asked her as I settled down onto the plush blue armchair, though I spent most of the day sitting on an airplane I was thoroughly exhausted. “Yeah… I mean it’s easy, just read what is in front of me on the prompter. I know what the other students used to say about me when we were in school and how the teachers used to compare me to Aquatini who always got such stellar grades with out even trying. Plus its kind of nice that every night on the News I get to rub it in their faces with a smile that I’ve made more of myself than they’ve probably had” She explained with a slight smile as she got ready to leave.

As the months past my pregnancy was uneventful though as always my life was not though I often sought solstice in being alone as I did my laundry at Latte Chain Laundry mat, reading pregnancy books that my doctor had recommended. Blue would always gently chide me about me doing my own laundry still but I liked being able to do some things still on my own. I could barely remember the last time I had even driven myself somewhere.

My pregnancy also brought along a lot of cravings unsurprisingly. Although my cravings were not like the better known unusual ones that consisted of pickles and ice cream. No, mine was more of the greasy fare that would only be found at small diners. From fried breakfast foods to the dinners that they were served it was a wonder that I didn’t gain a lot of weight like I should have as my doctor said at one of my visits when she asked about my daily food intake.

In the fall as the weather had finally started to cool off, I attended Azure’s and Scarlett’s beautiful wedding that they decided to have on the sunny beach of our hometown. Where I artfully dodged questions of my baby’s father and unsolicited advice from family members alike, but by the end of the night I was looking forward to going back to Briocheporte and the quiet sanctuary of my apartment.

However a few weeks after the wedding Grandpa Punch passed away one day while sitting out by the pond in the backyard. Grandma took it really hard, cracking through her usual tough veneer were signs of heartbreak and sadness. From her slightly disheveled hair that peaked out from under her cloche hat to the way she spoke out loud to no one on the ride back from the funeral, musing that she had been forgotten being the sole survivor of her siblings, her best friend Fraise, one of her daughters, and now her husband.

I guess I was lucky because when the time came about a week and a half earlier than my due date, my labor was mild and short with little Razzleberry Roux being born in the late afternoon just as the winter fog had begun to roll in. Bombay and Grandma Crème was by my side as grandma had insisted on visiting 2 ½ weeks before my due date. Little Roux was adorable with his pale teal skin and small patch of baby blue fuzz on his little head, even making his great Grandma finally smile a time or two since Grandpa's death. Within a few days we were able to go home from the hospital and I was able to get little Roux settled into our home.

With Blue being elected I didn’t see him as often even after Roux had been born, though he made sure to send little reminders that he was often thinking of us. But it still wasn’t enough for me. I wanted him there with us not keeping his distance because it would be suspicious to visit right after Roux was born. It wasn’t until Roux was over a month did I see him again and he was finally able to meet his son. As Blue slipped his arms around me it was like all that anger and jealousy dissipated the moment I felt his arms around my waist and breathed in the familiar scent of his cologne. Watching him smile as he held our baby in his arms was enough to make any lingering ill willed feelings disappear, once again I was enrapture by him.


  1. aaah.. sweet Hyp, what have you gotten yourself into? although I can't wait to see little Razzleberry Roux (LOVE THE NAME!), I can't help but feel really, really bad for her.

    I like how she admit to the fact that she would've stayed with Fade if he had as well.

  2. I'm still really not liking Blue... especially since he just admitted that he values his job over the mother of his baby.
    I miss Fade... :'(

  3. Oh man! I think I hate Blue! But I can't wait to see Raz grow up a bit.

    Great update! (I miss Fade too)

  4. I love Razz's name too! Blue is ticking me off. Lol I love how you can make me feel sooo bad for Hyp when normally I would want to smack her on the back of her head and tell her to wake up! :D

  5. Oooh god I so want to like Blue but having her keep this little cutie a secret and being at Blue's beck and call is no good for Hyp. I want her to be happy darn it, truly happy not just the appearance of it!

  6. @ Kitty I did post a sneak peak of little Roux in the Meringue thread but I am a tad evil and you can't see his face LoL

    @Aus Blue views it as he is seeing the bigger picture. He really does love Hyp but in his eyes he is doing a more noble thing by sacrificing his(and her) happiness for a bigger cause.

    @Cami It might take Razzleberry Roux a long time to grow up (whistle nonchalantly) And Fade will be back (eventually) but there will be a possible twist or two in him coming back.

    @Flutterby I think alot of us has wanted to smack some sense into Hyp once or twice. LoL

    @Thea She will find some happiness...eventually

  7. That "...eventually" makes me slightly unhappy lol She needs to dump Blue and look up Fade. HE was sweet to her and I have a feeling he would love little Razzleberry Roux even if he isnt his son.

  8. hmm, reserving comments until next update, though i am curious as to where Fade went

  9. What an odd situation she finds herself in. Poor girl.

  10. NOO, i miss Fade.
    if he hadnt of come along i wouldve been hoping for her & Blue to be together forever but now, Fade seems like the better option for Hyp :)

  11. I....don't like Blue. Fade's so much better.

  12. Aw, Poor Hyp. It must be torture not to have the one she loves, and the father of her baby 'with' her! I was sort of hoping that Fade would have been the father, but I don't know if that would have made anything easier or not. :( I'm so sad Fade left! I hope he comes back into the picture somehow.

  13. Soooo intrigued to see how she'll deal with motherhood!