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The Meringue Rainbowcy~A Legacy Gone Technicolor Chapter 3.1 Generation Roux

“I don’t know why I have to go here.” I said darkly as we pulled up to the school. From what I could see with its orange and chocolate colored bricks it didn’t look too much different from my other school. “You know why you have to go here. It’s the only school that was willing to accept you after you incident with that girl.” My mother said with a note of finality in her voice while Ashen remarked “It won’t be that bad bro.”

“Says the guy who is going to his first day in a fishnet shirt and in more eyeliner than most girls wear. Why are you even here Ashen? It’s not like you were the one that was expelled.” I pointed out; the situation was already bad enough I didn’t need my little brother tagging along to the new school. “I don’t really think it was fair of them to kick you at and keep Jelly in honestly. She broke the rules just as much as you did last week, so I had mom and dad transfer me too. Plus you’re probably going to need all the help you can get in this school, not to mention the chance to burn those uniforms and wear some real clothes to school.” Ashen joked while I just rolled my eyes at him. “The two of you better not get into any fights, do you hear me. And besides we all know why Roux did get a more lenient punishment from the school after the Chambery School Trip Incident last summer.” Our mother reminded us as we walked in to the school.

As soon as she mentioned the Chambery School Trip Incident I inevitable thought of Dew, Curacao and I when we visited Chambery with the rest of our class this past summer. We had met some local girls and convinced them to help us take a little side trip to the Capital of Chambery to do a little sightseeing of our own leaving our class and their village behind. Eventually our school, the police and our parents all caught up with us when they traced one of our credit cards that we used to pay for our hotel room. Somehow and I never figured out why we were only let off with a warning that should there be another discrepancy on our part we would be expelled.

“That was some fun times there.” I said thinking one of the girls that went with us named Suzette D’Orange Crêpes and that I needed to email her back eventually like I had promised. “You are a lot more like your father than you realize Roux.” My mother said to me as we walked through the halls of my new school. “Well that would make sense if I knew who he was mom.” I muttered quietly as I followed her and Ashen.

After we got checked into the office and our mother left us to our first day there, Ashen was shown to his classroom while I was taken to mine. My first class was suppse to be a study period and everyone was behind the computer until I walked in, then with curious eyes they peaked around them to get a look at the new kid. As I handed the teacher my papers I could feel the rest of the classroom’s eyes on me. I ignored them as I waited while she looked the sheets over, when she finally found them satisfactory told me to take a seat in the second row where there was an empty seat. That was when I got my first good look at the class and her. She sat there with her long purple hair that fell over her shoulders when she looked at me she just rolled her eyes at me and then looked away in distaste. 

When class was over I tried to talk to her before she headed to her next class. “Hey what’s your name?” I tried to ask her but she just rolled her eyes at me again and shook her head with what could only be described as a “Pfftt” before walking away. “Her name is Shiraz Tannin and you have a better chance at winning LottoSweet than her talking to you.” A voice said from behind me even before I turned around I challengingly asked “Oh yea why is that?”

“Shiraz is just one of those kind of girls that thinks that she is better than everyone else. So what brings you to our school new kid?” he asked in a challenging tone that matched my own. “First my name is not new kid, it’s Roux and I sort of got expelled from my last school.” I answered as I begun to walk out of the classroom. “What for?” He asked curiously as he followed me “The name is Mars by the way.” He said introducing himself.

“I got kicked out because I was caught with this girl during lunch in a classroom missing a few articles of our clothing and it wasn’t my first offense of that nature.” I answered honestly knowing that it would eventually get around the school, especially since Ashen was there. “Nice.” Mars said as he cracked a smile “Yea it was fun before we were interrupted.” I said with a smile as I thought about it brushing aside any thoughts of what had happened to Jellie and I afterwards. “What’s your next class?” Mars asked me and after I quick look at my schedule that the office had given me I answered “Gym” as I looked around wondering where it even was. “Cool same here. I’ll show you where it is if you tell me about the other offenses.” Mars offered. As I looked down the crowded halls in dismay I said “Sure, the last time I got in trouble was on a school trip to Chambery…”

By the time I found my 6th period class it was 15 minutes into it. The other students had long taken their seats and one of them appeared to be napping at their desk as the teacher talked through the day’s lesson. Without missing a beat the teacher motioned to an empty spot as he continued with the lecture. “Next Monday we will be going on our field trip to the capital building and everyone has to have their permission slips handed in no later than by the end of the day tomorrow. Umm Roux see me after class and I’ll find a slip for you to take home.” Mr. Snozberi said before he picked up his chalk again and began writing on the chalkboard while I sat in one of the empty seats.

After the final bell had rung for the day Mars and I were walking out of the school’s double doors when I spotted Shiraz. It was not unusually overcast outside, the sun seemed to disappear behind the clouds. “Hey Shiraz wait up!” I called out to her and surprisingly she stopped “What do you want?” she asked in a distained voice. “I uh… was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime?” I asked her for a moment losing my cool. With a smirk she replied “You are not my type Roux.” And even though she had said no she had given me opening. “And how am I not your type?” I asked her.

“You think I never read a tabloid before? Plus on your first day you’re already hanging out with him.” She said motioning to Mars who was talking to two girls before she continued “Sorry but I don’t date players.”

“That’s not how I am.” I said to her as she just rolled her eyes “And I’m sure that you are just some deep sensitive guy on the inside and the whole world has just done you wrong.” She retorted back to me. “Well I don’t know about that but seriously…” I began to say before I was cut off by the sound of loud music as a very familiar almost green but not quite neon yellow car pulled up. “Dude hop in!” Dew called from the driver’s seat before slightly lowering the music as I heard Ashen say from behind me “Mom says we are supposed to take the bus home.”

“You can take the bus home Ashen, but I’m getting a ride home with Dew. So Shiraz can I talk to you later?” I began to ask her as Dew called to some random girl “Hey what’s your name?” Rolling her eyes at me she turned and walked away, saying over her shoulder “Yeah, you are sooo not one of those guys.” Fudge…

By the time I finally got home it was almost dinner time, though luckily neither Fade nor my mother was home. Ashen was looking a little bit more normal and loudly talking on the phone with his girlfriend; from the sounds of his side of the conversations she wasn’t happy with his sudden change in schools. “But it’s the principle of it all Alliesort…No not our principle that not what I meant… It is not the end of the world… No it isn’t… We’ll still be able to see each other… Alliesort we live in the same neighborhood I can see your backyard from my house… I can come over right now, if I didn’t have homework to finish before dinner”

Fade was the first to come home and immediately began to grill up dinner. By the time my mother finally got home we were just sitting down to eat. “So mom I have a permission slip I need you to sign for a school trip.” I stated slowly as I pushed the food around on my plate waiting for her to immediately say no. So I joked “Besides the girl I like won’t even be on it since she is not in that class.”

“The girl that you like? Roux you haven’t even been there a week… I don’t know sweetie you don’t exactly have the cleanest track record when it comes to school trips.” She said tiredly as she sat down with us. “It’s only to the capital building I doubt I could get into too much trouble there.” I argued for reasons I didn’t really know besides that it was something that my mother didn’t want me to do.

“It is to the Capital building?” She asked almost worriedly as she and Fade quickly exchanged look for a moment and then Fade asked “I think that would be fine, wouldn’t you hon?” My mother sharply looked at my stepfather for what seemed like an eternity as he just calmly looked back before she reluctantly said “I guess it would be alright, as long as you are on your best behavior...”

On the morning of the trip as Ashen and I ate breakfast my mother hung behind unusually not in a rush to get to the studios downtown. “So you’ll mind yourself there?” My mother asked me as she nervously watched me. “Yes I promise not to get into any trouble.” I said feeling slightly annoyed at the fact that she was treating me like some child that couldn’t be trusted.

I suppose this was supposed to be some awesome field trip that a lot others would want to go on but halfway through I was wondering why I even wanted to be there in the first place Should have just skipped. I thought to myself as I mused ways to escape. Through the halls our guide droned on and on about a bunch of facts of our previous leaders. When we finally came to his office everyone filed in single file standing in a neat little row in front of his desk. I remembered pictures of him from when I was little always smiling for the camera and looking completely polished. However the man that sat in front of us now had long felt the stresses of his job and losing his wife the previous year due to health reason.

“I thought there was only supposed to be 6 students?” He asked while eyeing me in a way that made me uncomfortable. “He just transferred in at the end of last week sir. We sent a fax over a revised student list to your secretary about this. I hope it won’t be a problem.” My teacher said nervously as he just waved his hand and assured her that it was fine. Standing up he walked over to our group to shake all of our hands as we introduced ourselves to him.

When he got to me I said my name and shook his hand as he looked at me with what I could only describe as an off look. Truth be told I was glad when he finally let go of my hand and walked back in front of the group to talk to us. Throughout his whole speech he kept looking over at me and every time he did it made me feel uncomfortable.  


When he ended his speech I was relieved as we shuffled out of his office. Glancing quickly over my shoulder I saw that his eyes had not left me and didn’t look away until my own eyes struck his gaze. Only then did he look away and turn back to the papers on his desk. The whole ordeal made me look forward to the short bus trip back to school.

“So how did your school trip go? You’re school didn’t call me so I’ll assume that you didn’t get into any trouble.” My mother said when I got home later that day after school. “It was alright I guess.” I began to say reluctantly knowing that from the tone of my voice she was going to question me. “What happened?” She immediately began to ask, worry quickly colored her voice. “Nothing it’s just that…” I paused for a moment trying to think how to explain before I continued as I walked to the TV room “That our country’s leader was a little bit odd. It was like he couldn’t stop staring at me. I’m frankly surprised that someone like that could be running our country.”


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