Thursday, June 2, 2011

Generation Adventures with Roux featuring Dumb and Dumber fashion!

I'll apologize a head if time for the lack of quality pictures but I am not going to convert all of them to PNG since there are aaaa llllooootttt of them.

So we begin with Roux and Mars getting ready to pull a prank at the house down the street. Roux cheers Mars on while being the look out.

Mars looks delightfully fiendish. Wonder whats causing him to look so happy...

A bag of Poo he's about to set on fire thats what!

Mars:This is going to be great

But it wasn't because no one ever came outside and the bag just disappeared. :/

So I sent the boys back home to tamper with everything they could. Mars went for the showers.

Roux went for the computer in the girl's room thus beginning the "I love prank faces" installment of pictures.

I umm don't know if you should be playing with that Mars, even if you do look snazzy in your scientist costume.

Mars was the first in the household to fall prey to one of their rigged traps
"AHHHH! No not Crazy Frog!"

"Can't look but must turn off!"

"Ok its gone everything is fine now!"

Pumpkin Jack their guardians while testing generations sprung the next trap.

Oh no what happened Mars? "I slipped on the slip and slide"

But the sadness didn't last long as he was soon posing as he played on the slip and slide

Of course not to be outdone Roux decided to join in, when I realized they were with out their suits

Much better :D I love how things work out sometimes. Mars decided to hit on the girl that I plan on him attending the prom with.

"The first time I set eyes on you I got that old fashion romantic feeling where I'd do anything to bo-..."

O.o Erm... Moving along

"You go man!"

Seriously these boys posed a bit to much with the slip and slide


I <3 this face

"Hey Shiraz I got something for you bet you can't guess what it is!"

"I think I could :/ "

"I bet you can't"

"Surprise!! Flowers, bet you didn't see those coming!"

"OMB where did those come from!! I totally didn't think that you would pull flowers out from behind you. You must be a magician with that hat and all..."

"You know I get that oldfashion romantic.."

I said Moving Along!!

"Erm their for sniffing not for eating Shiraz"

So I tried to have Roux put the moves on Shiraz when I got this. At first I thought it was some new kiss thing

Until she opened her eyes giving him that look while moving away

And then I noticed the hand

Poor Roux.

After this picture I was tempted to yell. "Now see here Shiraz after chapter 4 paragraph 20(or something like that) Shiraz and Roux are now dating." Whislt waving an imaginary script around that is magically turned to said page and paragraph.

For anyone wondering why they are dressed the way they are...

For the record Roux and Mars have better hygiene habits >.<


  1. hehe Those are some awesome pics! i can't wait to play around with my generations!

  2. OMB those faces! I need to make a trip to eb games...