Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Generations Adventures #2 with Roux

Decided to finally finish up posting all the generations pictures that I've taken so far

Here we have Roux playing dingdong ditch

OMB where did he go?

Another segment of the faces Roux makes beggginnnnss.... Now

How exactly do you miss the teenage boy in a blue suit and tophat?

Decided then to have Roux and Mars throw eggs at a house. Unfortunately one of my mods was outdated and made the eggs invisible... :/

Mars got yelled at my some random old lady but he didn't care

Until I think she said she was calling the cops *saddace for Mars*

Who even though I tried to make him make a run for he umm stopped for a moment and posed nicely

Then made a phone call

Earning himself a ride home from the police since the old lady did actually call the cops on them.

Pumpkin Jack was not at all happy and Mars just told him to chill out... Or atleast thats what I'd like to think he is telling him in this picture.

Pumpkin Jack and Florentine had a little boy named Triscuit

Who I aged up promptly

Soon I discovered that I do not really care for EA's body hair or atleast not green body hair on Pumpkin Jack. But yay those skin colors do not have to be updated like they did for LN

Mars has seemed to develop a crush on Shiraz who he follows around and rolls wants to kiss and flirt with her :/

Some more faces courtesy of Roux

Yay mod has been updated and things are visible, including eggs

And this fire here.

The boys watch Mars's handy work in action from a safe distance.

Pumpkin Jack teaches Roux the skills of driving.

Meanwhile ghost stories abound as Sprinkles tells a few. And Mars comforts Shiraz

And that was the last time he got laid


YES! Its true and it can happen to you!

I don't believe you

The ride on toys are extremely cute and they all have their own sounds to them.

Pumpkin Jack on the Waterslide :D

Later Pumpkin Jack and Florentine were sent away for the night and the boys threw a teen party which Mars video tapped some of it.

And then viewed it with Hiwa and Fleur's daughter

Hey thats you there

I can see Mars

I leave Roux alone for a minute with out the safety of my overviewing his actions and I come back to this.


Just imagine her voice in an Elmer Fud like one as I do

You ain't going no where hot stuff

Anytime she'll X out this action and free me

Nope he's all mine

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