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The Meringue Rainbowcy~A Legacy Gone Technicolor Chapter 8 Generation Roux

The days past into months as the twins continued to grow, each day the two of them seemed to grow into their own different personalities that were about as different as the two of them looked. By the time Porfirio was a week old he had to be moved into another room since he would wake up at the slightest sound in the nursery.

The twins were not the only thing that was apparently growing. Just after they were three months old Aubergine told me one afternoon after spending most of the morning in the bathroom that she was pregnant again.

The reactions from people that we told ranged from me getting clapped on the back and asked if we were planning on adding a new one to our brood every year. To my great grandmother Crème who was now insisting on going to every prenatal appointment with Aubergine and I to make sure she was getting proper care from her doctor. To tell you the truth I almost felt bad for her obstetrician who had the former head of surgery almost looking over her shoulder at every appointment and questioning everything.

Wisteria and Porfirio seemed to be the only ones unaffected by the sudden pregnancy. Everyone seemed to have an opinion of them getting siblings so close together but most of them revolved around that they wouldn’t be old enough to remember not having siblings so there would be less jealousy issues when they’re new one got here. This was something that my mother agreed heavily on though I don’t exactly remember having any jealously issues against my brother growing up. Whatever the common opinions were most of them were happy about our soon to be newest edition, though Great Grandmother Crème seemed more worried than anything about it since she had lost my grandmother so many years ago due to labor complications. Between the doctor’s appointments and checking up on Aubergine it seemed like Great Grandmother Crème was almost talking up residence at the house again.

Almost as unexpected as pregnancy, was the sudden decision of our head editor at my work to retire and move somewhere not as sunny and a lot cooler.  All this meant for me was longer hours at the office, a promotion though not to editor and my own office. Granted it was the smallest office for the newspaper but this was something I did on my own without the help of my family’s name.

By the second trimester Aubergine began to show just as Wisteria and Porfirio began to start crawling. “It seemed like I was almost out of these clothes and now I am back in them.” Aubergine said one day while as she smoothed down her shirt while looking at herself in the mirror. “You look fine, just as you are supposed to be at this point in your pregnancy.” I tried to assure her as I hurried to get ready for work one morning after feeding the twin’s breakfast, which had managed to get all over my night shirt. As I pulledmy shirt off she just sighed.

“Fine you are aglow with pregnancy beauty that I would ravage right now or rather that I will ravish right now.” I said suggestively to her which made her smile as I started to grab her by the hips we heard one of the twins begin to cry from their room. “Maybe later on tonight Roux.” Aubergine said as she went to soothe them while I finished getting ready.

It was almost the same day in as day out. During the week I would work while Aubergine was home with the kids. Mornings I would try to get up earlier to help get them feed while she slept in for a few more minute since she was the one on night duty. Though the weekends were another story, as I was often the one handling those nighttime feedings long past the sun went down.  I think we were both glad when they started to sleep through the night but it was with the grim realization that we’d be going through the same thing in a few months. Ok maybe it wasn’t really grim. And as daunting as it could be having twins that were only a year old than their younger sibling we looked forward to the outcome of this pregnancy as much as we did with them.

It was no surprise that Wisteria said her first word before Porfirio who was more laid back than his older by a few minutes sister.

Porfirio was just content with watching the world pass by around him as he sleepily watched from his mother’s arms.

At the end of Aubergine’s third trimester though, they both started walking as they were soon to be nearing their first birthdays. But it was Wisteria who insisted on being able to walk everywhere while her bother was more content riding in the stroller on outings to the park. Of course with them being more mobile this meant they would get into more things or rather Wisteria would get into more things while her brother watched on in a vague interest.

This time when Aubergine went into labor it was in the evening right as we were settling to watch a movie. I have to admit that I might have overreacted a bit because of the horror story that had been my Grandmother’s death that my Great Grandmother had told me was embedded into my mind.

But everything passed by like a breeze or at least for me since I wasn’t the one in labor. Aubergine however felt it was necessary to call me a few less than stellar names this time around before our second, yes second set of twins was born. Indigo Sunset was the first to make her appearance.

And moments later her sister Starry Night followed in suit.

Not even heaven could be better than this I thought to myself as I held my youngest daughter to show her to her siblings. It just goes to show how Little I knew that once again things were going to change and once again I would find myself in a mess that only I could create.

It started as a normal Monday morning at the office when I first got there. The buzz in the break room was that we were getting a new person in the fashion department of the newspaper, someone that was younger and more in tuned than the last person that held that position. “So Roux have you heard anything about the new employee yet?” Dino Oats asked me as I fixed my first coffee of the day since I was on the verge of being late again to work trying to help Aubergine out before I had to leave.

“No I haven’t heard a thing. It’s not something that any of the higher ups would share with us so I guess we’ll just have to see when they get here.” I replied not really caring as I took a sip and closed my eyes for a moment as I waited for the caffeine to kick in. “Keys said that he saw her a few days ago leaving her interview. Said she was pretty sweet looking if you know what I mean.” Dino leered at me as I just tiredly sighed before leaving to go back to my office as I replied while walking away “If you say so. Besides no one is sweet than my sweet Aubergine.”

Sitting back in my little office I stretched my arms before I started to type, completely forgetting the new employee the other guys were excited about as my fingers tapped along the keyboard as all the other distractions began to melt away. The only things that kept me bound to reality were the soft hum of office noise that coming from outside my door and the heavy scent of my coffee. Besides that I worked throughout most of the morning with my attention undivided.  Midway through the morning a staff meeting was called just as I was putting the finishing touches on my piece about the financial crisis BerryStreet was facing before it needed to be sent off to the editors.  

There she was standing next to my and everyone else’s boss was her. It was being like back in high school again seeing her always before she saw me. I hadn’t seen her in years since I left her in her apartment that day. I could barely hear Dino speaking under his breath to me as our boss tried to get everyone’s attention “So everyone this is… Would you please cease with all the conversations and we can get this over with quickly? .... Alright this is Shiraz Tannin our newest writer in the fashion department would everyone please give a nice welcome to her? Ok now go about your day working like normal.” He said ending his announcement as he waved us off in a dismissive way like the unimportant lowly employees most of us were.
But I could barely move as her eyes finally met mine. Out of all the places in the world why was she here? I thought to myself, feeling like the rest of my world that I had put together in her absence started to crack and crumble.

The rest of the day I spent almost hiding away in my office. What would I have to say to her? I felt almost embarrassed that she made me feel this way. It had been almost 7 years since I last saw her, why did I feel like this? Why was I hiding away in here with clammy hands? I mean I’m married and love Aubergine but the thought of even having to talk to Shiraz made me feel more nervous than I had ever felt before. And being married to Aubergine with all of our kids I just didn’t feel right about these feelings I had.

I never thought that I would welcome a weekend away in Briocheporte. But a week filled of narrowly avoiding Shiraz at work made going to my brother’s wedding seem like a vacation to Tahini. Though on the drive to there I think Aubergine was more excited than I as her eyes lit up almost as bright as the skyline when it came into view that night.

 After checking in to a hotel since my previous apartment was being sublet we ordered some room service for ourselves and the twins. Tomorrow would be an early day with getting all four kids ready for the wedding plus ourselves not to mention actually going to the wedding and reception.

The wedding was an unusual one at that, but hey I’m a guy what do I know? Since everyone else had said it was beautiful. But getting married while you and your guests were dressed in 20’s garb was interesting to say the least. I guess I might be more of a traditional guy than I thought.  But Ashen did look extremely happy with Alliesort, as did she with him and that’s all that mattered.

By the time the weekend had come to a close and we headed back to Sweet Valley I was dreading going back to work. All I could think of was seeing Shiraz for a moment before my heart would betray me in a way that made me wonder how my family would react to a possible abrupt move from Sweet Valley.

Luckily however she seemed keen on her intent of avoiding me also. If I was in the break room and she spotted me she turn and off route her course as if she suddenly decided to talk to someone else or had forgotten something.  When the weeks slipped by I started to become secure that maybe everything would be fine and that the abrupt move could be put off. Not to mention as a fashion writer she was sometimes gone for a few days covering what was going on, on the runways at shows in Chambery, Briocheporte, Shang Stir Fry, and other major fashion meccas. I shouldn’t have been surprised as I was but on a Thursday morning my coworker Dino Oats announced as we were both getting coffee that he had a date with Shiraz this Saturday. With a blank face devoid any emotion to give away how I really felt about Shiraz, I wished him good luck with that.

The following night was the last to remain in the office as there had been some late breaking news, something that had to do with the birth of the new Prince of Sugaria. While I hastily put together something that could be passed as an article on the front page of tomorrows paper the printers waited on another floor after being called in for the final draft of the article so it could make tomorrows paper. An hour or so later I hit send on my computer and the final draft was sent down to them. Sitting back in my chair for a moment I sighed as I looked forward to heading home before I shut my computer off.

But the silence of an empty floor was soon interrupted as I heard the elevator suddenly ding. Not thinking anything of it as it was probably the cleaning crew I began to get up to grab my jacket so I could leave. My hand stopped short before I even touched the fabric of my coat and I took a deep breath before I even heard her voice I knew it was her. “Roohoo?”

My body betrayed me as I soon was turned around facing her; she was wearing a short dress that left very little to the imagination though everything under its thin fabric I had known very well. Though at that very moment it was something that I had rather been a hidden memory instead of on the fore front of my mind. “No one calls me that anymore Shiraz. What are you doing here right now?” I asked her trying to wrap my mind around why she would even be here. “I was attending Cynnia’s bachelorette party tonight and on the cab ride home we passed by here and I saw your car so I decided to stop and see if I could keep you some company here since you’re all alone right now…” Shiraz said as she entered my office.

 “Well thanks for umm thinking of me, but I’m happily married with children Shiraz.” I said warily to her as she gave me one of her laughs that used to make me smile just hearing it. “Yes I know, to a little piece of vanilla pudding. What? You didn’t think someone with your notoriety as one of Briocheporte’s favorite party boys would have a mentioning in the tabloids about you getting married?” She asked as soon as she saw my face change from full of suspicion to confusion before continuing. “Did you get Farmer Bell Pepper’s daughter pregnant and have to resort to a shot gun marriage in your many escapades since we broke up? Face it you’ll grow tired of her soon like you did with me a look for a way out.” Shiraz said almost bitterly.

“I’m not that kind of guy anymore and never looked for a way out with you. I was actually going to ask you to marry me that night. I had the ring in my pocket and everything” I said defensively as I saw her falter for a moment before she spoke again. “Roohoo one never changes unless they really want to. We both know that deep down inside you’re that same that would sleep with any girl with a nice pair of legs. How you proved that for those years after we had broken up.” She said as she crossed the room in just a few strides. I could smell the scent of her favorite perfume emanating from her as it brought back memories from our past together, some good and some bad.

“So has a life in the spot light been how you imagined it?” I asked as I tried to distance myself from her while trying to clear my head of the thoughts that were swimming through it. “I was blacklisted even before I started thanks to your mother. So to answer your question I wouldn’t know. I’ve been living in Chambery for the past few years working for the fashion designer Coco Chiffonade.” Shiraz answered me as I turned away. “Why are you even here?” I asked her as I leaned on the desk and looked around the room, anywhere but her as I tried to find something else to focus on. “I don’t know. Maybe I needed to see for myself that you really had moved on from me, when I’ve never did from you.” She replied as she put a hand on my shoulder to try to turn me around but I wouldn’t budge.

“What do you want to hear from me Shiraz? That I still love you that there hasn’t been one day that has past these years that I haven’t thought of you? That even though Aubergine has picked up the piece of me and put them back together I still think about what it would have been like if I was with you instead. I hate that I love you still. I hate that I can’t take you out of my mind. That I can’t stand the way I swear I sometimes smell your perfume and wish that you were there with me.” I said angrily not for a moment stopping before I continued on and finally turned around.

 “What do you want from me? You want to feel my arms around you like they’ve ached to hold you since we’ve been apart?” I grabbed her by her arms briskly  “You want to feel these lips upon yours again?” I asked as I roughly pressed my lips against hers and kissed her almost losing myself with her before I pulled away, feeling tears begin to fill my eyes as I tried to blink them away as she tried to pull away but I wouldn’t let her.

“You want to take a walk down memory lane and remember the way you loved when I would kiss you right here and here.” I said while I kissed her neck and then insides of her wrists as I felt her own tears fall on my hands but I could not be stopped as I once again kissed her more savagely than before unable to save myself as I was already lost as I heard her say the words I ached to hear and feel. “I love you Roux.”  

♫Loving, over and over again now
It ain't nothing girl, till you've felt the pain
Up against the wall, why does love always have to hurt
Your scratches run across my back and then a tear♫

♫Dear Lover, I can't take the pain no more
Dear Lover, I pick my heart up from the floor
Dear Lover, I can't believe it’s come to this
Dear Lover, give me one last painful kiss♫

♫There ain't nothin', in this world for free now
So how high of a price will you pay
Hear the screams so loud, wake up to the broken glass
It's a scene from bad to worse, and many more tears♫

♫Dear Lover, I can't take the pain no more
Dear Lover, I pick my heart up from the floor
Dear Lover, I can't believe it’s come to this
Dear Lover, give me one last painful kiss♫

*Note from Cupcake(and yes, yes I did just refer to myself in third person) The song used for this chapter is Dear Lover by Social Distortion. One of my favorites and was the reason behind this generation's storyline. Anyways have a listen...


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