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The Meringue Rainbowcy~A Legacy Gone Technicolor Chapter 7 Generation Roux

“I don’t care. I don’t want to live here anymore and if it comes down to it I’ll sell this place real quick.” Great Grandmother Crème said defiantly to my mother. “Gran you can’t possibly be thinking of selling this house? This place has seen 5 generations of Meringues in it.” She tried to argue with her but it was no use. “Either one of those generations lives in it or it’s being sold. My realtor will be coming by Monday with the papers. I don’t want to be here anymore this place holds to many memories for me, don’t you understand Hypnotiq? I can’t bare to wake up another day in the main room that my mother once passed away in and then my own husband passed away in his sleep. Your grandfather and I should have sold this place years ago and moved into the house that he had back then. Homes shouldn’t be passed down in families since the memories get passed down with them.”

This argument had went on since the day of the funeral when Great Grandmother Crème announced to everyone’s surprise that she intended to sell the house and move into the small two bedroom beachfront cottage next to Uncle Azure and Aunt Scarlett’s house. Ever since then I had been mulling over the idea of buying it from her. The land was in a great spot and there was plenty of it. Not to mention though some of the appliances were on the old side but the house was built solid and was kept in pristine condition by my meticulous Great Grandmother. As they continued to argue I spoke up “I want to buy the house.”

“What? What about your apartment in Briocheporte Roux?” My mother asked in surprise as my Grandmother said “Good you can sign on Monday.” The only one that didn’t look at me like I had grown two heads was Aubergine. “I don’t plan on ever moving back there. Either I’ll rent out my old place or sell it. I have no interest in stepping foot back in that city. All the furniture in it can be rented or sold with the apartment since I’ll just have someone get my personal effects from there.”

And that is how I ended up moving into my Great Grandmother’s house. Aubergine and I had been staying at the rooms above the bistro for the funeral but it looked like we would have to start renting a townhome due to the length of renovations to even get the house up to code. While my cousin Candy took her to the spa that was a short distance from there for her first spa trip, I headed to my new house with a few other improvements I had in mind.

Looking around I began to mentally make a check list of everything that had to be done. All of the furniture my grandmother had left behind in favor of the wicker furniture she decided to fill her beach cottage with. So involved with trying to see the house as it would eventually be I didn’t even hear the front door open. “So I guess you’ll be making this a blue haven like your apartment?” My mother’s voice asked me from behind. “I haven’t decided yet, though I know I want the whole house to be renovated, all new appliances and possible a second floor.” I replied to her question before asking one of my own. “Do you think I should even try to contact my father’s side of the family?”

“Roux I can’t tell you what to do. Even if I tried you would always go and do the opposite. I never did meet any of his relatives when we were uh… together. He didn’t have the best relationships with most of them behind closed doors. He had a lot of resentment towards his father growing up that I can remember. But it’s really up to you what you are going to do. In all honestly they probably do know about you Roux.” She said before leaving. The latter of her words stuck with me because it was probably true that they did know about me.

It barely took half of a day to clear the furniture out of the house to start the renovations. All that was left was the cabinets and appliances in the main room which was softly lit by candles due to the electricity being turned off so all the wiring could be brought up to code. A picnic blanket was spread across the floor as we dined in celebration together, Aubergine and I. While the candles flickered sending shadows dancing up the walls as I explained what I hoped to accomplish with the house.

A beautiful soft glow was casted on her face as she listened to me ramble on as I was so lost in her eyes I couldn’t help but ask her “Aubergine would you marry me?”

“Roux…” She began to say as she looked up in surprise but I continued on “I’d do everything all over again since everything that has ever happened, happened to lead me to you. I’ll take the pain that had been my life over and over as long as it always leads me to you. I want more than the two of us just being together. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I know I don’t have a ring right now to give you but if you say yes, I’ll get you whatever one you so desire. So what do you say? Would you marry me Aubergine Plumeria Concord?”

“Roux, would you just let me say yes.” Aubergine said as she agreed to be my wife. With one swift motion she wrapped her arms around me while knocking us both on the floor. As we laid there for a moment before she began to excitedly talk of wedding plans I couldn’t remember a time in my life that I had felt more complete or happier.

In the end we planned for a small wedding only inviting our closest friends and family. Aubergine’s family thankfully forgave her for running away with me and her mother brought her a gift that I don’t think all the money in the world could have bought a replacement for. It was a vintage wedding dress that she had worn to her own wedding that Aubergine had always planned on wearing the day she got married.

Our wedding party only consisted of a best man and maid of honor. My best man I had chosen was Mars Tea a good friend and previous clubbing buddy, who was more than surprised that I had opted out of having a bachelor party. But my life for a few years before I met Aubergine was just one big bachelor party and I was done with that. Aubergine had originally wanted her best friend to her maid of honor but considering that her best friend was Avocado’s sister that was not going to happen. So my cousin Candy stood in for her.

I don’t think I ever saw my mom actually look so proud and happy of something I was doing. It was no secret that no one thought this day would ever come especially before Ashen and Alliesort getting married or that my bride would be walking down the aisle in a maternity wedding dress.

To tell you the truth I was a little surprised myself. As I fixed the bow that came with the tux I felt myself unintentionally slip away into the thought of where might I be if this had all happened a few years ago with Shiraz? Even without saying her name out loud it brought back every memory that we shared together. The rest of the time went by in an almost daze as I stood waiting under the arch for Aubergine.

But the moment I saw her everything became clear and I was never surer of the choice we were making as we said our vows together. Slipping the wedding ring on her finger Aubergine smiled at me in a way that made me forget everyone else as if we were the only ones standing there together and I knew that for all of the wedding it would be this moment that I would always remember.

After the wedding at the reception nectar flowed steadily and there was plenty of good food to go around. Unfortunately that might not have been a good thing for some as my best man seemed to want to prove during his speech. It started out as a normal best man’s speech but by the end I and everyone else found out that when Mars and I were still in high school living with our parents he had a few posters of my mom in her younger days that he would take down before I came over. The looks from the wedding party ranged from stunned to Fade, who of all people who was unsuccessfully trying not to laugh.

Later that night after the wedding we went back to our house. It would be the first time either of us would be seeing it since the renovations had finally been finished the day before and we had been living in a townhouse that I had rented in town for the duration. “Wait, wait there’s something I have to do first.” I said to Aubergine as I stopped her from walking into the house. “What’s that?” She asked me in surprised. “This. Or have you forgotten the proper way a man and wife are supposed to enter their humble abode?” I asked as I picked her up.

Carrying her across the threshold we entered our home as the newlyweds we were and were greeted by the sight of the finished renovations which were more than I had hoped for.  “Wow, it looks great Roux.” Aubergine said from my arms as I began to put her down. “Is it everything that you wanted?” I asked her since we had begun planning it I wanted it to perfect for her since she had left everything behind to be with me. Tracing her fingers over the counter as she looked around she replied “It’s perfect.”

After checking out everything downstairs we moved on to newly built upstairs using the spiral staircase which lead to a hallway that overlooked the living room. To the left of the stairs was the master bedroom with its own bathroom and down the hall lead to two more bedrooms with an adjoining bathroom between them. The master bedroom was another room done in shades of amethysts and sapphires with hints of turquoise. Eying the bed I said “Well here we are the last stop on the tour.” While my definitely blushing bride tightly gripped my hand that held hers as she giggled from probably the champagne that she started drinking right before reception was over like it was going out of style.

Though things did not turn out how things normally pan out on a typical wedding night to say the least. I don't really know of many people that except to end up falling asleep naked on their bathroom floor with their new wife in their arms on their wedding night. It started out the way it was supposed to go as I kissed her before we started to undress each other and continued on as things began to progress even further as we were soon both in bed together. However in the middle of it all the champagne seemed intent on catching up with her as she gasped “Oh my berry…I think I’m going to be sick.”

“Now?” I asked her incredulously as I felt my lips stretch into a tight smile, stopping as soon as I heard her say that she was going to be sick.

“Yes, now!” Aubergine exclaimed as she pushed me off of her with surprising strength before leaping off the bed in a stumbling manner in the direction of the bathroom. With the door wide open I could hear the sounds of someone that had drank too much and was now regurgitating it. I went to the kitchen downstairs quickly to bring her up a glass of water. On my way back through the bedroom I grabbed a robe for her. Aubergine looked up at me embarrassedly as I helped her into her robe before she resumed her position next to the toilet. The glass of water was left untouched on the sink counter.
“I’m so sorry I ruined our wedding night.” Aubergine whispered tearfully as I stroked her hair “It’s okay it’s just one night, there will be plenty of others.” I assured her as I pushed a few strands out of her face before she ended up falling asleep with me and my naked self on the floor of the bathroom floor, with nothing protecting me from the cold tiles.

And there were other nights as time went on as we continued to get to know each other as newlyweds. One of the wedding presents her family brought would seem like nothing to most people but meant a lot to her. Inside the box were packets of seeds that were from her family farm. Not even a week after the wedding she had them planted in our backyard.

 We settled easily into a domesticated life together as I took a writing job, not because we needed the money or anything. What my father had left me was more than enough to sustain anyone for a few lifetimes. But I decided to get a job because well frankly I needed something to do during the day. It wasn’t anything special or high ranking position but it was doing something I enjoyed.

About two month or so after the wedding Aubergine began to act peculiar as she began sleeping in, in the mornings a stark difference from her usual self that was up as soon as the sun was up. Meals she barely touched as she pushed around the food distractedly for a while until she would say that she wasn’t hungry. “Is everything alright Aubergine?” I asked her one night during dinner but she didn’t seem to hear me “Uhh Aubergine?”

“Oh… yes umm what were you saying?” She asked after a moment when I caught her attention. “I was asking you if everything is alright.” I replied to her which made her frown. “If it wasn’t would you be mad?” Aubergine asked me as she looked away. “Aubergine was is wrong?” I asked her as I blew off her question with one of my own.

“I’m pregnant.” She said quietly and for a moment I sat there absorbing what she had just told me before I got up. The sound of the chair legs scraping back against the floor made her look up at me as I walked over to her and pulled her up out of her seat and held her close to me. “Listen don’t, don’t ever be afraid to tell me something like that I won’t be angry with you, especially something like this. We have a house, we’re financial stable and we have each other. Why would you even think I would get angry?” I asked Aubergine.

“We haven’t been married all that long and I don’t know just for some odd reason I thought you were not going to be happy about it. You make me nervous, every night I fall asleep thinking that the next day I’m going to wake up and be back in Fondant Fields on the farm, that meeting you and all of this was just a dream.” She explained almost embarrassedly as she tried to turn away from me but I wouldn’t let her as I said “Aubergine we are going to be parents. I’m…I’m going to be a dad.”

I guess when you slowed down to take a look it would be more than evident that we had moved really fast. In less than a year I had met Aubergine, convinced her to come with me, married her and now she was pregnant with my child. It was oddly surreal to think that this time last year I was with a different girl every night, now I was on the verge of facing diaper duty.

As the months past in anticipation Aubergine’s belly grew larger and larger. Every day I swore to myself that I was going to be a better father than my own. I was going to spend time with my kid, pick them up from school, I was… uh I was going to be Fade. Never thought I’d see the day where I’d actually want to be like my stepfather.

Aubergine went into labor almost a week past her due date one morning when she was fixing the bedroom up while I was in the shower. Clad in only a robe I quickly drove her down to the hospital as quickly as I could without breaking too many speed limits.

Hours later into the early evening Aubergine gave birth to our first kids. Yes kids. Our daughter Wisteria Plum was born first and then she was shortly followed by her brother Profirio Fig. Wisteria had her mother’s skin coloring and my father’s eyes color with a few wisps of blue baby hair.

Porfirio inherited my great grandfather’ Punch’s skin coloring according to my delighted great grandmother Crème. He also had my father’s blue eyes but instead of blue hair like his sister he had his own wisps of his mother’s sunset colored hair. 


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