Thursday, July 14, 2011

Generation 6 Heir/Heiress Poll

Time for something fun so lets pick the who's going to lead the next generation. I'm doing it early because I want to be able to give the hopefully heiress the personality I want since I've been writing a specific storyline for the next generation.

Please vote either in the comments section here or the Poll HERE

Thanks everyone for voting!


  1. This generation is absolutely stunning!

  2. I've tried to post here and on the forum, but I keep getting error messages.

    Hopefully, this will go through.

    This gen is lovely!

  3. I voted for Indogi, her coloring is just beautiful!

  4. rofl, Indigo. (dyslexic moment there!)

  5. OMG I would seriously vote but I found your blog a few days ago and haven't read through it all. I'm on generation Roux Chapter 4!!! :D

  6. Alright I finished up..

    Sooo.. I voted. :D

    Looks like Indigo is in the lead. I was gonna pick her but instead I picked Wisteria. You know wha, I seriously don't care who wins. They all look amazing. :DDD

  7. Thanks for voting everyone!

    @Marirae I know! I was really surprised about it.

    @Scones I've been running into similar problems with blogger and commenting. :(

    @kelren don't worry about it the next generation has a character that I mess up spelling their name everytime I type it almost. Its Sanguinello.

    @sNoWaNgL LoL you can vote if you really want to want! Right now they are all toddler and younger. Usually I have the voting when the oldest hits their teen years but this next generation I wanted the heir/heiress to have a very specific personality so I'm doing the voting just a tad early on.

  8. @sNoWaNgL Ahh I see you voted when I was typing out replies :P LoL Thanks for voting

  9. As always Cupcake your Sim's made beautiful children! I really hope Indigo Sunsets wins! ^.^ she is super pretty and she looks like she would make a good heiress. I can't wait to do my second gen's poll. I aged up Toffee's and Regina's children today...(his name changed btw since its not a berry sweet story =/) but they are beautiful! I can send you a link to each kid so you can see the beautiful children one of your Sims if they wouldn't be!

  10. Opps! almost forgot where did you get Starry Night's top? its really pretty!

  11. @Tink Sure! I would love to see some of his offspring. I keep forgetting to use him as a spouse for one of my spares. Starry is actually wearing a dress that is from the store. :D

  12. they can be found at these three addy's.

    This is Larissa(she is one of twins)

    This is Lexi (Larissa's twin)!

    And finally this is Devon the older brother!

    I couldn't figure out how to have them as actual links =/ but that's my photo bucket account and each one will take you straight to the pic that way you don't have to go through all the others to get to them...I'm thinking my pole for gen 2's heir/heiress is gonna be some tight competition O.O especially between the girls O.O But I guess you can go through and look at the others you'll get to see where they all got their blue eyes, and the two where they got their black hair. I'm not really sure how Lexi turned out to be a blonde though O.o

  13. P.S. thank you for telling me where the dress came going to run to the store and see if i can download it lol! its so cute! i have a major addiction to the store, i think i may even ask the hubby to bring me home a Sim point card today so i can get some of the new sets that came out this month! lol

  14. Looks like Starry Night is in the lead!!(Well on the polls)

    By the way I accidently voted again. (Wisteria) Oops. :P

  15. Indigo has my vote!! :)

  16. Ummm all of them? Can I vote that?

    Was going to do a coin toss between Porfirio and Indigo but I love Wisteria's look. Confusing!! Think I just might close my eyes and pick >.<

    Also, just to let you know, I have been reading, just haven't found the time to comment :(
    Your chapters have been scintillating as usual cuppycake <3

  17. @Tinker I think Larissa is my fav out of them. I just love the combination of black hair and blue eyes <3 I love the stuff from the store. Its alot better than the things that the Sims2 one had.

    @Hush LoL I wish that I had the time to do a more than one heir/heiress generation. But at the rate it takes me to accomplish one generation I can't imagine how long it would take to do one with more than 1 heir/heiress. And don't worry about the commenting as I am a horrible commentor myself with stories LoL

    Thankyou to everyone that has voted! Just posted the winner!

  18. Larissa is my fave too as a young adult, she is only a toddler, and i am secretly hoping she will win my heir vote. And i agree with the comment about the store stuff, it is a lot better than the stuff sims2 had :)