Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One final note...

Before I wash my hands of it and am done with this whole re-uploading situation. I have decided to go ahead with deleting my studio because I don't want to deal with this again and honestly there is nothing stopping Titanicagn or anyone else from doing it again with any other of my sims or anyone elses for that matter.

I want to thank everyone that reported the re-uploaded sims. I really, really, really apperciate everyone that did so. I still plan on sharing simsfiles with a few friends that I've made in the community but I will no longer be uploading anything beyond memories to my Sims3 Studio.

I could go into a lengthy explanation of stress and having to take prescribed pain medication for the past almost two weeks, but I am not. I woke up this morning realized that I am done with this whole situation and am moving on. Hopefully to a new chapter of The Meringues soon or more pictures of Ashen that amuse me a little more than they should.


  1. I'm sorry that this situation has been so wretched.

    At least we still have your lovely legacy and amazing pictures.

    I know from past experiences that removing all trace of art ultimately just makes it trickier for honest people to prove that thieves are thieving. So at least you will have pictures up as proof!

    Good luck, and I hope this hasn't just...been an utter joy killer.

  2. Thankyou Scones I just hit a brickwall once I took a more closer look at their studio and found more of my sims that they re-uploaded. They uploaded most of my male sims that were in my studio.

    Yep I still have the pics :D And if there is nothing to thieve then titanicagn is SOL when it comes using my sims to post in their studio.

  3. Someone just did this to me, except she friended me on my Sim's facebook, got the link to Kira (my sim) off of my blog, changed her nose and mode her lips smaller, and re-uploaded pictures of her on her facebook, saying she was her own. Kira's eyes (shape, color, ect), face and head shape, and hair color are custom and I spent a long time adjusting them, it's not just an "accident." I think that it's completely stupid that people can't just make their own damn sims. I mean, seriously. It isn't that hard.

    ~Sorry this happened to you :(

  4. I'm so sorry this happened. Hopefully, by removing your studio you can just wash your hands of this nonsense.

  5. I really can't believe someone would do that! I haven't experienced any of that so far, but I can tell that it must really get on your nerves. I wish there was another way to protect your Sims from people doing this instead of deleting them from your studio. =( Some people just don't care who they hurt/punish.

  6. Hi Cupcake, I've used one of your sims as my founder's spouse (I have given you credit in my Custom Content page) but although I'm not going to upload my founder or founder's spouse as they are not mine, I was hoping to upload their children, grandchildren etc going forth. Is that still OK, or would you rather I didn't do that.

    I'm Ok with whatever you say, I just don't want to piss you or anyone off by doing somethng I shouldn't.

  7. Thankyou guys <3 Since deleting my studio this person has not uploaded anymore sims to their own studio. Hopefully they'll stop re-uploading other people's sims and start uploading sims that they actually put forth them effort and actually made themselves.

    @Serendipity I have absolutely no problem with any of my sim's children from another player's game being uploaded. So upload away :D