Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tried to be nice about this...

But now I am really pissed off. Today I discovered someone was uploading stripped down(as in no CC) versions of my sims, that had their hair and eye coloring changed and made as an Adult instead of a Young Adult. None of their Facial features were changed. (Facial features that I took a lot of time tweeking especially in Jin's case and a flipping year in Ashen's case since thats how long my legacy story has been going on and he is in the 5th generation.)

And that is where my problem lies because it would be one thing if they just picked a random sim out of there sim bin that it happened to be mine and they changed it to a completely different sim but hell the only things they've changed was really the hair and eyecolors plus giving them EA skintones. Not a damn facial feature was changed so basically it still it my sim just with a few superficial changes. 

First I it was my Jin from Tekken that was uploaded by this person that evidently was never taught manners or how to respect other people.

Then there was Hiwa.

And the final straw was Ashen (what have they done to you?!?!?) Incidentally the only one that they removed the "made by cupcake" bit from. But I'd recognize that flippin' eye shape anywhere that most of the descendants of Roq have gotten not to mention all of his other features that he inherited from Fade)

So I decided to send out a friend request so I could politely ask them to take my sims down from their studio. It went something along the lines of

"Thank you for accepting my friend request. But I am going to have to ask you politely that you please remove any of my sims that you've uploaded to your studio. This includes but is not limited to Hiwa, Jin and Ashen. I share my sims in my studio so others can enjoy them also. Please do not be the reason why I will discontinue doing so."

But no they choose not toe. Instead they deleted my comment and defriended me immediately with out even the common courtesy of a reply. You know I could have just done this in the first place instead of trying to be nice and talk to the person first.
So I am asking for my readers help in reporting my plagiarized sims. The following links are to the plagiarized sims.

Ashen is very sad about being plagiarized




This is rich the person that re-uploaded my sims after deleting my comment,defriending me, and taking the commenting thing off their page changed their bio to this.

Funny I don't remember personally contributing any of my sims to them nor giving them permission to be re-uploaded.

Now see I am starting to think that this person reads my blog since right after I put that up they did this

I don't think I am being ridiculous but I don't want credit what I want is for my sims to be taken down and if this continues like this then I will probably end up deleting my studio in the future so I don't have to deal with something of this nature again. So I invite you Titanicagn if you are reading this (and I think you are since you change you page everytime I add something here) how about a comment here where I am now offically calling you out. Since you've yet to remove my sims. Even though you've admitted to taking other people's sims and re-uploading after giving them a makeover.


  1. I reported all three as well. I don't think you're being ridiculous at all. We work hard at our creations and it shouldn't be ok to steal them

  2. reported all three! <3

  3. I reported all of them. And i thought id let you know Toffee Mcbrittles is the father of my legacy founders childern, and since i was in the process of trying to save both him and her, he is in my stuido as a family with the legacy founder...just thought id let you know....

  4. Thank you everyone for reporting them. <3 Hopefully EA will take them down soon. But I would suggest to have a look through their studio to anyone since after having a look myself I am not the only one that they've done this to.

    @Tinker Thankyou for being honest, but please not to upload anymore in the future. Thankyou :D

  5. I reported ALL OF THEM! I'm very sorry this happened to you, and that Titanicagn wasn't very considerate to delete the sims.

  6. NP! I honestly didn't know he was yours till after the second chapter and i was going through some friends studio's to throw sims in the town to help make kids and i noticed him and i was like O.O, but then the computer crap started happening and i got side tracked on trying to save the town, then just the family and finally reformatting my hard getting ready to take them down now since im finally in front of my comp and am able to do it :)

  7. I don't even know you, but as soon as I found this and read this, I went straight to reporting all 3 of them. :D I hope this person stops soon.

  8. Tsk. Some people are just... meh. Unbelievable. I can't say this is the exact reason I don't upload my own sims, but it is a factor. You take pride in what you create, and these little simmies are special to us creators that put in the time into making them just so.

    My morning was free today, and you had me curious by this, so I decided to take a look through his studio after I reported the three you mentioned. He's uploaded a lot of sims, and I do not have the time to go through all of them, BUT I did find two additional sims that were not created by him. One I recognized immediately, and another I thought was someone elses but was wrong, yet it still turned out to have been created by someone else.

    5 reports in, and I need to get on with my day now.

    Hopefully it won't take too long for EA to forcibly remove the sims (and really, that's all that is desired) but I wouldn't be surprised if he's perma-banned.

    We'd all understand if you decided to no longer upload your sims. It's definitely something to think about. Sorry it even happened at all, and I hope it doesn't bum you out for too long.

  9. Reported!! ~AlyssumCandy

  10. Just wanted to say thank-you again to everyone thats reported them. It really means a lot and I am still hoping that they are taken down soon.

  11. I've reported them as well. I love your sims and I use them in creating my own legacies (but of course I don't write the stories and if I did, I would of course use credit). I hope EA takes them down soon!

  12. how is it plagerism if she gave you credit??

  13. @Anonymous I was not given credit. Saying that they must give credit to where it is due and then not naming everyone that they had re-uploaded from is not giving anyone credit.

    The only reason it says in the first two that it was made by me is because I put that there so I could see if anyone uploaded one of my sims and they were just to lazy to check the bio on those two to erase it like they had on the others that uploaded.

    And there were a few more that I found in their studio that were also mine besides just these three. Not to mention all the other ones that were made by other simmers.

  14. What an asshole. Reported all three, sorry you have to deal with this...I've had my 100 baby challenge mother downloaded into someones game, then they took her, changed her hair color and made a competition called "Next Top Model" wit her and not a thing was changed. Then she refused to take them down, no joke. I know how you feel.

  15. Reported, hun. I hope they get deleted. :)