Sunday, December 18, 2011

A sneak peak of something possibly interesting...

For those that don't follow my tumblr I posted a sneak peak of something that I've been working on furiously tonight as the idea quickly came together and became a story (or at least a beginning to a story) So this is just a little preview of it.

In the night the bonfire casted shadows across the trees, flickering off the bodies that danced around it. Creatures of all sorts withered around the light as drums beat in a tribal tune, every winter solstice it was the same for Snow. Someone was playing the flute and alongside it another strummed on a lyre, though it was quite apparent that they had gotten into the schnockernog early that evening. Snow almost smiled to himself as he watched while he held his own cup of the warm spiced brew.
The steam that cast off of the cup was heavy in fragrance, a beautiful melody of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg so pungent in its aroma that one could even smell hints of oranges though they were quite out of season and cranberries over the main notes of cider. He savored the scented air before he felt the chill spread from his hand to his drink ending the fragrant spiced air coming off of it as it’s temperature dropped to almost freezing so he could enjoy it as well. 

Now what might this have to do with the Meringues Hmm? Well it is going to be a short story of mythical creatures that might or might not exist physically in their world though definitely in written word.


  1. Ive seen the sims (I think?) in a couple forums for this story, and they certainly are beautiful. Very unique, and obviously brilliant writing xD

  2. Just popping in to tell you how much I enjoy your legacy - I've nominated your blog for a Liebster Award :) you can find details on the award in my latest blog post ( Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.