Saturday, December 31, 2011

Things that never made it in-Vanilla's Death

After going through a few saved documents that contained the Meringue Rainbowcy in search of one little paragraph I stumbled across a few sections of the story that had been left out/rewritten for various reasons. So I decided to post a couple now and then during my slow times in churning out another chapter. These may be full paragraphs or just a conversation between two characters. I've added a new page underneath the header to hold the links to all of these.

The sun had barely risen on the horizon by the time I opened my eyes. It was yet another day filled with things to do as I had taken on all of the household duties along with my own school work to do. Some many things had changed since my father died; the thing that changed the most was my mother. Once the homemaker and now she was practically incompetent in her grieving way. Now I was the one that cared for my siblings making sure they got up for school, did their homework, ate dinner and other things someone at my age should never have to worry about. With my oldest brother working two jobs just to make ends meet there was no way we could afford also nurse for our mother.

As I got up and stretched I began my mental check list of things that needed to get done. It was Wednesday morning, I had to get my mother up and see to it that she bathed or at least was clean. Then it was trying to get her to swallow down some food while making three of my sibling’s breakfast since Minty was working inventory from the night before and would be back until after the rest of us went to school to make breakfast for everyone as usual.

But today was going to be a far from usual day, though I wouldn’t know how much until I opened my mother’s door. Empty pill containers with their caps littered floor and nightstand. There were so many I wondered where she had gotten them all or if she had been squirrelling them away instead of taking them. She was void of the any movement; the blankets that covered her and the bed were still. There was no repetitious breathing and the murmuring in her sleep that came with her slumbers. The smell was almost over powering from my perched stance at the door of things that I would never want to mention. As my eyes continued to adjust to the darkness of her room more of the scene before me revealed itself and in my mind the horror I saw before me would never cease to always be somewhere in the back of it. “Crème what’s for breakfast?” Glaisey’s sleepy voice asked after I heard our bedroom door open.

Shutting the door without even taking a step into my mother’s room I turned around to face my sister and I couldn’t tell her what I saw beyond our mother’s door. “I’m not feeling well today so you, Saby, and Spear need to grab some on the way to school.” I replied carefully trying to keep my voice as calm as I could before I watched as my sisters who were the same age as me yet vastly less mature got ready and left for school while I stayed behind with Spear on their coat tails as he left late as usual. Then it was just me and her in the house.

Not knowing what else to do I called her doctor who had been treating her since our father’s death and not to long after that phone call had ended he arrived with a coroner to legally declare her death. 
“Cause of death looks like an intentional overdose.” The coroner mused to himself before saying louder “Won’t know the exact cause though until the autopsy is done though.”

“It was an accident. It has to be an accident so it was an accident.” I repeated myself

“I’m sorry Miss, but this scene points to something different and I’ve been in the career long enough to know.”

“I can take knowing what really happened to my mother but my brothers and sisters are barely hanging on by a thread. I need her death to be an accidental one. Please we already lost our father and I don’t know how what’s left of our family is going to do after they find this out.”


  1. Oh wow! poor Creme...thats all i have to say is poor poor Creme to have to find her mother that way.

  2. Poor Creme. I wish Vanilla had been stronger. To provide for her children and shower them in her love. Mojito wouldn't have wanted this.