Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Hazelwood

Warning there is some tasteful nudity ahead
  I went out to the hazel wood,
Because a fire was in my head,
And cut and peeled a hazel wand,
And hooked a berry to a thread;

And when white moths were on the wing,
And moth-like stars were flickering out,

I dropped the berry in a stream
And caught a little silver trout.

When I had laid it on the floor
I went to blow the fire aflame,

But something rustled on the floor,
And some one called me by my name:

It had become a glimmering girl
With apple blossom in her hair

Who called me by my name and ran
And faded through the brightening air.

When I am old with wandering
Through hollow lands and hilly lands,

I will find out where she has gone,
And kiss her lips and take her hands;

And walk among long dappled grass,
And pluck till time and times are done

The silver apples of the moon,
The golden apples of the sun.

~Patrick Wolf Lyrics taken from the poem
“The Song of Wandering Aegnus” by William Butler Yeats.


  1. I just read this on your tumblr page and WOW! its amazing!! your such a good photographer! wish I could be so awesome lol

  2. LoL thank-you and if I can do it you can do it. Seriously I never took any pictures while playing the sims1 and Sims2 unless it was by accident.

    One of the best learning experiences that I had for taking photos was competing in the Berry Sweet Competitions and learning from the comments that was posted on my pictures and others.

    If you take a look back at the first generation my pictures are less than stellar to say the least LoL

  3. Aww this is so very beautiful. :) I mean I agree the photographs are amazing, and I loved your portrayal of the poem! It was quite lovely!

  4. Will you do more of a story for her? I have seen the pictures of her on tumblr as well and I am just mystified by her.

  5. I don't know if I will do more of a story for her. I do adore her but I don't know if theres a story in there for her.

    Honestly she might become one of the supernaturals that next generation tries to research on.

    Or I might just through her into a save with the guy above and make them have a family for fun.