Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years!

(even if it is 13 hours later for me)

Be Sure to check out this new page underneath the header that I've added if you haven't already seen the two posts before this one.


  1. Happy New Year Cupcake!!! hope you and your family had a fun night, and im still trying to figure out who the heck that is in the picture! lol! Im thinking its probably starry's sister :D and i love the patient in the background getting ready to kiss the nurse! lol

  2. Happy New Year Tinker! Hope you had a good one too! We had an alright night, mostly quiet though.

    Its Indigo in the pic! With now her new boyfriend. LoL :D I was wondering how many people might notice the patient and the nurse!

  3. I have my days where I'm not observant but I LOVE to look at sim photo's and see what the sims are doing in the background if there are any, because sometimes you can see really funny things! and Indigo's new boyfriend is a total hottie! ^.^

  4. Happy new Year! I am one of you silent readers. Well not so silent now :) Just wanted to tell you I love your legacy and hope you update soon!