Saturday, January 28, 2012

New blog of sorts announcement

Ok I am finally launching the other blog that I mentioned quite sometime ago... somewhere... That will be home to my other stories besides the legacy here.

I've moved over Marionette of Sorrows already to there and am in the process of copying a mini story that I've been writing on tumblr to there called Unhinged. That has been about a vampire and a marsh nymph. You'll probably... hopefully recognize her from the Hazelwood post. The new blog will have some tasteful nudity here and there when the story calls for it, so you've been forewarned.

Here's the link ~ Tattered and Ruined


  1. Hi Cupcake :), up early err late & busy huh? Be sure to let me know when you start the new story, I will definitely check it out. Still really like, liked the atmosphere that you had with Marionette of anything a bit dark and twisted >.> :D

  2. LoL Its only 5:30 pm here. I am posting it right now inbetween cooking dinner. It should be just a tad bit dark and twisty since the main character is a vampire that was driven insane by the marsh nymph in his mortal years.