Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pertonia and Xiang MM Chapter 22

The next couple of days were quietly spent teaching Sonia how to talk

Potty training little Sonia

Spending time with Anton when he was awake

And when he was asleep

Sonia loved to spend her time looking at picture books.

Until Saturday, when Petronia got up bright and early to garden. It was Anton’s birthday and Petronia wanted to get a few things done before hand, since Xiang would be leaving afterwards to go on a fishing trip.

Petronia received an email from Lucy stating “Tomorrow night is the night, be ready and at my office after work. Cyril will be baby-sitting for you-Lucy”

When it was birthday time, they did as they did with Sonia. Singing Happy Birthday and “helping” blow out the candles for Anton

And just like Sonia had Anton magically turned into a toddler.

While they were eating cake Petronia brought up that she would be having Cyril babysit tomorrow night while she went out with Lucy. “Let me guess more evil empire stuff.” Xiang teased. “Yes but it is top secret.” Petronia said seriously as she put the plates in the sink.

“Well, then I won’t ask anything of it then.” Xiang pulling her close for a kiss good bye. “Better not or else you might get me into trouble.” Petronia replied jokingly.

After Xiang left as Petronia put the children to bed, she couldn’t help but wonder what would happen tomorrow night.

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