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The Meringue Rainbowcy~A Legacy Gone Technicolor Chapter 6 Generation Starry

The basement which was earlier brightly light was now very dim with shadows being casted across the walls as anyone walked by one of the few lamps that were on. I don’t think anyone noticed Can-Can or they just didn’t feel that we were worth acknowledging. So it was easy to pass through the clustered groups of berries that all seemed to know each other. “You want to get something to drink? Seems they have some juice” Can-Can suggested as she looked around and spotted an area that was set up like a portable bar. “Isn’t that against the rules?” I heard Melon question from behind to probably Can-Can who asked back “I don’t know. How do you know?”

“Because that’s what was said at the orientation earlier. Weren’t you listening?” Melon answered back as he surveyed the slightly crowded room. In one of the far corners a guy was playing a guitar while another attempted to play along with him but was not doing so well. “Not really… But I thought you left?” Can-Can replied in surprise, that Melon had been there for the orientation. “I did but I came back and sat somewhere far, far away from Froot was.” He said distastefully as if he couldn’t make it more apparent that he disliked Froot, with very good reason from what I had observed earlier.

“Well it doesn’t look like anyone is here to stop them, come on.” Can-Can pointed out before leading our small group over. No one said anything as we each grabbed a cup and tried not to make any faces when we took our first sips. Tastes like burning and oranges. I thought to myself as I kept that opinion to myself even if it looked from Can-Can and Melon’s faces that they thought the same. As much as it burned my nerves got the best of me as soon as I was separated from Can-Can and Melon. Can-Can went to grab something from our room and Melon went to follow as soon as he spotted Froot.

One drink became two drinks, which quickly became three. And soon I found myself sitting on a couch watching everyone around me socializing while I was working on my drink. I barely noticed that someone had taken the spot next to me and when I did I saw a guy that didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the students here.

Social Misfits.

Artsy and creative

With a dash of technology

Or just wonderfully different and original.

This guy looked like someone that Wisteria would have dated. Clean cut with a nice hairstyle and buttoned up shirt. What the fudge would he even want with me? I wondered but it didn’t take too long to figure it out as my dad’s crazy overprotective ranting’s didn’t seem so crazy or overprotective.

What he thought were sly moves were all too none lost on me, placing his hand boldly on my knee as he introduced himself a name that would be forever forgotten and only remembered as the unsavory drunk guy, his voice was heavily fragrant with nectar as he slurred his own name before asking me if he could get me another drink for myself. “Oh my berry, my life really is an afterschool drama” I said irately before taking the drink as he drunkenly tried to put his arm around me in a yawning motion. Fudge my life I thought as I tossed back the rest of my drink.

The effects of my own drink were not lost on me, having never really had a drink before beyond sneaking a glass of champagne at a family members wedding the nectar went straight to my head and quick. “Aye doooon’t like yooouuu I already told you… already… I think.” I said as I tried to get up but he pulled me back down “But I like you. I think you’re purdy.” He said before he started to laugh in a drunken fit.

“Whatever…Wait you think I’m pretty?” I asked surprising myself with that question. With a sly smile he replied “Sure I do.” With that he handed me a new drink. Where did that come from? A small nagging voice in the back of my head asked as I ignored it and took a large sip. Tastes fine I thought as I drank some more of it and before I knew it that drink was gone too only to be replaced again by another one. This one however I didn’t drink as quickly as the ones before. If I thought it had gone to my head before I was wrongly mistaken now the room seemed to be tilted as I leaned back into the couch to avoid sliding off of it.

Suddenly his face was in front of mine intently looking at me with a smile on it. “I… I don’t want to kiss you.” I mumbled my voice barely audible as his face came closer and closer. “Sshhh” he hushed me as he brushed a stray lock of hair out of my eyes.

“Nooo!” I declared as I fumbled in my attempt to push him away as he chuckled lightly before another voice entered in the equation. “I think you should listen to what she said.” Looking up I found a blur of… pink? What the fudge ripple? I thought or maybe said out loud as I stared up at him, but the pink guy didn’t seem to hear me or pay notice as he said again “I think you should listen to what she said.”

And surprisingly the guy took one look at me then back at the blur of pink before getting up without a single word spoken back and leaving. “Wow that was sooo impressive. How’d you do that? Was it magic?” I asked in a drunken stupor while he just stood there for a moment looking down at me before he answered “I kind of have a reputation.”

“Ohhh, how dangerous. What sort of reputation? Should I be scared?” I asked him in between reels of laughter “I don’t know maybe. I mean I hope not.” He answered almost confused. “So why aren’t you drinking? Isn’t that the thing to do at these college parties at the moment of freedom as soon as you escape your parents?” I asked when I noticed that he was probably the only one here without a cup of nectar in his hand. “Drinking and I do not mix well. So it’s for the better that I refrain from it.” He replied still standing in the same spot that he had been in this whole time.

“So what’s your name?” I asked him before taking another swig of my drink barely feeling the burn as it went down my throat surprised at how easy this made talking to other berries. “Sanguinello Moro.” He replied nervously as he fiddled with the bottom of his knitted shirt that appeared to be torn in a spot or two. “That’s a mouthful. How about San or Nello instead?” I suggested feeling the words begin to slur together before they even left my mouth. “Um no, I like being a mouthful I guess.” Sanguinello said back to me as he continued to play with his shirt. “I bet you are a mouthful.” I said before I realized it. Where the fudge did that come from? Someone cut me off right now or at least provided a distraction so I can make a getaway. I hastily thought. I had never kissed a guy before let alone be that intimate with one.

“Oh my Berry! I did not mean to say that out loud.” Sanguinello’s head shot up at me in surprise, his face changing from pink until crimson reminding me for some reason pink and red hearts. “I uh… don’t know you well enough to want to comment I think.”

“I think I need to go lay down right now.” I said feeling like my stomach tried to implode itself  as I scrunched my face up as I tried to fight the sickness that I heard sometimes accompanies drinking. 

“Can you walk?” He asked me full of concern as he looked at me before holding out his hand. “Oh how sweet” I said out loud once again unable to keep my thoughts to myself. “Really? That’s new. I’ve never been called sweet before.” He said seemingly to himself as if he was confused at the very thought of being called that. “Well that makes two of us. I’ve never been hit on before or saved from some pervy guy or made a comment about one’s private anatomy to a stranger. Today is just full of surprises.” I mused before I asked him “Would you catch me if I fell? Because I will probably fall and hurt myself”

“I think I could…You don’t look like you weigh all that much. I could probably carry you if you don't think you could walk back to your room.” He replied as he looked me once over though not in a leering way but as if he really thought that I was going to fall over at any moment as I walked back to my dorm room. Which made me a bit disappointed for reasons that just didn’t quite make sense at that moment, nothing made sense right now. “Huh? Oh well that’s good to know as I am feeling quite a bit tipsy right now and I'll probably fall over and break my face or something.” I said as if that wasn’t obviously apparent enough just to make sure he understood because I felt like he should know.

Carrying me up to my room the rest of the dorm seemed deserted, which I should have been thankful for because of what happened next. “Sanfranando to the floor twix please giddy up… You know you’re like a pink elephant Sangineno.” I decided while I was looking up at him. My comment made him pause for a moment before he responded “I am? And it’s Sanguinello.”

“Yes, you are. Look out! Look out! Sanguinellos on parade…Here they come…Hippety hoppety…They're here and there…Sanguinellos everywhere.” I heard myself singing at an above normal octave a song from childhood, though my voice sounded far away so I decided to continue to sing a bit louder. “Look out! Look out! They're walking around the bed on their head. Clippity cloppity. Arrayed in braid Sanguinellos on parade. What'll I do? What'll I do? What an unusual view”

After I’m sure what was an awkward pause had I not been so tipsy he said “At least you are getting my name right now, but I’d think you’d rather me not do any hopping this instant or I could very well drop you and that would probably hurt… a lot… considering the lack of carpeting on the floor.”

By the time we reached my room up on the Twix floor I resulted to almost a new all-time low. Truthfully if I had ever witnessed a girl doing this I would have reacted in scorn toward her. My first night away from my parents and I was now resorting to throwing myself at Sanguinello, a guy that I had only known for maybe an hour. I’m sure if I had been sober it would have been much to my mortification that he was repeatedly turning me down but then again I wouldn’t be suggesting such things to him.

“So you don’t want to spend the night with me? That’s sad. Isn’t that what supposed to happen to typical girls at typical college parties?” I asked him feeling a bit rejected. I should be used to it by now, seriously what guy would ever want me? “No, what’s sad is that I’ve finally worked up the courage to talk to you and you’re inebriated so there is little chance that you’ll remember tonight. So I’ll have to wait again until I can find it in me to talk to you again. And even though I don’t know you at all beyond you serenading me with that lovely song about pink elephants, I can tell that you are anything but typical.” He answered as he helped me climb the ladder on my bed. Can-Can was still gone and I was glad for it.

“You don’t seem to have a problem right now.” I said stubbornly with a sudden moment of clarity that followed “I’m not usually like this.”  As he stood as the foot of the ladder he said “I don’t doubt that and it’s because I could mess up and embarrass myself all I want you won’t remember. Come tomorrow I’ll be probably even more tongue tied around you because you’ll still look at me the same as I try to think of cool and witty ways to talk to you while failing miserably.” Sanguinello replied as his voice seemed to slowly fade away the moment my head made contact with my pillow. And I hoped that he was right because I wasn’t sure that I wanted to remember the last five minutes that consisted of me throwing myself at a random cute stranger who helped me back to my room.

The next morning I awoke with a severe headache and a resolution not to drink again. As I rubbed my temples trying to remember last night’s happenings I could barely remember any of it. Holding the blanket up I quickly looked under it and relief flooded my mind as I saw that I was still wearing all of my clothes. After breathing a sigh of relief I saw Can-Can's sleeping form across the room in her bed. I guess we both made it back in one piece last night. I thought as tried to remember what happened. What did happen?

Sims used
Mizu & Toff from Kittycattylion


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