Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Petronia and Xiang MM Chapte 16

That week Petronia and Xiang spent sometime moving in and getting settled into their new house. At the end of everyday they looked forward to sitting down together and having a nice meal. As Petronia’s cooking was slowly starting to improve.

Not only that but Xiang’s fishing skills also started to take off as he practices with their pond outback. Adding another thing on to their list of home improvements was to stock the pond.

When Xiang was not fishing he could be found enjoying his home office.

Petronia spent her free time bringing the garden back to it’s former glory.

And with the harvesting of the garden lent way to newer meals for Petronia to test out on herself and Xiang.

However she could not help herself from trying out some of the playground equipment. Of course it was only to make sure it was still safe for any future kids they might be having.

“So now that we’ve been here for a week, how do you like our new house?” Petronia asked Xiang as they walked up the stairs to their little bridge. “I love it, I didn’t really realize that there was anything like this here.” Xiang admitted. “Well it is nicely hidden away.” She pointed out. “I know” Xiang laughed as he pulled her closer “Its our own little sanctuary away from everything this town has to throw at us.” Looking into his eyes Petronia couldn’t help but smile as she kissed him.

The following day Petronia was out tending the garden before she had to go to work, when suddenly her cell rung. Surprised and a little annoyed that someone would be calling her this early she looked at the ID, seeing who it was she knew she had to answer.

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