Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Petronia and Xiang MM Chapter 10

A few days had past and Petronia had indeed been promoted. Excited and nervous for her first day as a Undercover specialist Petronia made herself a cup of tea to help calm her nerves.“So have you discussed living arrangements yet? Who will get keeps whose apartment when the two of you finally move in together?” Fallon asked nonchalantly over breakfast. “Fallon I know what you are planning but no we have not. We will probably live in my townhouse since it is bigger than his.” Mused Petronia, while sipping her tea.

“Have you been doing much wedding plan lately? Planning on going on a honeymoon?” Fallon asked. Petronia put down the mug and looked over at her. “Fallon we had an agreement that you wouldn’t be here by time of the wedding.” Said Petronia suspiciously. “Well, I know that was what the original arrangement, but there has been a little bump in the plans and I was thinking that …” Fallon trailed off “That you would stay here while we were gone? Just when do you plan on finding your own place Fallon.” Questioned Petronia. “Soon just haven’t found the right place yet. Once I do Gary will help me with obtaining it.” Fallon said as she walked out of the room with Petronia following her.

“Fallon you know the rules. You are not allowed to directly interfere with their lives. Lucy won’t stand for it if you upset the balance.” Petronia warned “Petronia, Petronia, I know that. I know the rules very well and only She can ever directly interfer. Why do you think that she who can not be named anymore had me always out in the field doing assignments? Because I am the best at what I do and I always achieve my objective.” Fallon shot back at her before slamming the front door shut.

With a sigh Petronia looked at the clock realizing that she had to get to work soon. But first she had to make one quick phone call. Quickly dialing the number she waited. After the second ring it was picked up. “Cyril its Petronia can you connect me to Lucy? Yes it will be quick I need to get to work soon. Alright I’ll hold………….Lucy I’m planning a surprise for Xiang after the wedding for our honeymoon. …… Well I was kind of hoping on us going to……. Yes I know ….. I was hoping to stay at that Victorian….. Yes, I know… How coincidently…. I’ll see you there then…” Petronia hanging up the phone once again looked at the clock before she left for work.

Later on that day instead of taking her lunch with her coworkers Petronia headed towards the park. Walking towards the fountain she spotted Lucy. With a knot in her stomach she cautiously walked towards the two of them.

While Petronia said her hello's the pair did not even glance up. "Lucy about what we talked about this morning." Petronia started off. "It's been discussed and approved. You can go there for your honeymoon and not have to worry about any consicences. " Lucy stated without even looking up. " The Emporer of all that is Good assures me that you won't run into any sort of trouble with The Others."

"As long as she follows the rules, Petronia should be fine. Any other one of your family members the answer would have been no. But this time I'll make a exception. Petronia you know you." He started to say before Lucy cut him off clearing her throat "Petronia I think it is time for your to get back to your job and I think it is about time we've started to discuss some important matters." Lucy said then as if on cue Petronia's pager went off. Checking it quickly she saw that it was her work paging her. Saying googbye Petronia headed off in the direction of her job. Glancing back quickly she saw the pair was still entranced with their game.

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