Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Petronia and Xiang MM Chapter 11

A few weeks flew by with out a hitch and soon it was wedding day. Petronia was busy with the girls getting ready. "Lucy you're not going to be glowing in the pictures are you?"

And Xiang was busy with the guys getting ready.

Soon it was time to walk down the aisle. Petronia saw Xiang waiting for her and her heart leaped. As she got closer she could see that Xiang was just as happy as she was. Excitedly Xiang said his vows and slipped the ring on Petronia's finger.

Then Petronia said her vows and slipped her ring for Xiang on his finger.

Fallon and Lucy glanced over at the out of towners that had come with one thought on their mind "Fresh meat.... How you doing?"

Then Petronia and Xiang had their first kiss as husband and wife.

This inspired one of the out of town guest to try to catch Cyrils attention. "Pssstt" "Leave me alone you are being rude." Cyril hissed at him.

Not taking a hint, "what are you doing afterwards?" He whispered over to her.

"Will you too be quiet, they are getting ready to leave." Fallon whispered over to them

When the first kiss was over Xiang and Petronia rushed out to their car. "So where are we heading to?" asked Xiang as he started the car. "A little town called Riverview, I've rented a victorian cottage for use to stay at for our honeymoon." Petronia said with a smile and Xiang smiled back at her.

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