Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Petronia and Xiang MM Chapter 13

The following morning Petronia woke before the sun was even up. Surprised and shivering she dressed a little warmer. She looked around for a thermostat but couldn’t find one. Eyeing the fireplace she saw her only option to heat up the little cottage. After warming herself by the fire Petronia looked around the cupboards and refrigerator. Finding it all basically empty she decided to scour the garden for something edible so she could make breakfast.

By that time the sun was already up and the rest of the town seemed to start to stir awake. Deciding that tomatoes or lettuce wouldn’t do for breakfast Petronia began to pick the apples from the tree.

After getting into a rhythm of picking the apples, she didn’t even notice the pair that came up behind her. Clearing his throat he then said “Good morning Petronia.”

Surprised Petronia turned around and saw Him and one of the others. Looking amused he continued “I hope we are not bothering you. I just wanted to welcome you to my town and it didn’t seem appropriate to do so yesterday.” He said. “Good morning umm…” Petronia started to say. “Call me by my name, call me Aeridaius.” He said with a smile as he shook her hand.

“Allow me to introduce you to my assistant Aurabella. Petronia this is Aurabella, Aurabella this is Petronia. I see you've noticed that it is a bit more colder here than in sunset valley." Aeridaius said

"If you run into any problems here she is the one you can contact to get it resolved. However I doubt that you will run into any. As you call them, the others are a peaceful variety and as you know this is the only town where there is no violence or crime whatsoever.” He stated as Petronia shook Aurabella’s hand. Continuing on he said “We won’t keep you any longer, your new husband is starting to wake and you have breakfast to make.” And with that Aeridaius and Aurabella left.

Petronia went on to make Autumn salad a favorite of Xiang’s. He was so delighted that she made his favorite dish he couldn’t help himself but to clap in joy.

After they had finished breakfast they sat down on the couch to watch the fire in the fireplace. Turning to Petronia, Xiang teased “Now that we are married can you tell me anymore secrets? Is there really a Bigfoot?” Petronia looked at him. “If there is, its not in our sector.” She replied

How about unicorns?” He asked “Now you are just being ridiculous” she replied with a roll of her eyes.

“All though there is Nessie.” She giggled. “Nessie? Do I even want to know what that might be?” He asked. “Don’t worry it is nothing bad.” Petronia assured him.

“So why did you pick here for our honeymoon?” Xiang asked. “I don’t know I’ve always been drawn to this town and I figured that now would be a better time than any time to try to go.” Petronia admitted. “Well I am glad that we came here. I couldn’t think of a better place to go.” He replied.

And with that they went on to enjoy their honeymoon. Exploring the town.

Going to a game.

Biking through the neighborhood.

Picnicking in the local parks.

Watching the sun rise from the local Simhendge

And then fishing some more, once again not catching anything.

Grilling at a one of the parks. Xiang hoping no one saw this .

And strolling through a peaceful neighborhood at night.

Soon it was time for them to leave, so they packed up the car. Sadly they said goodbye to the lovely little cottage, hoping that sometime soon they could return

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