Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Petronia and Xiang MM Chapter 14

It was well past 3 am when they finally got home. Their townhouse was silent and it looked like Fallon had finally left.

Climbing up the stairs and lying down in bed together Petronia said with a wink of her eye “Well Mr. Chalfont we are finally home together as husband and wife. And it looks like we are all alone…..”

“Goodnight Mrs. Chalfont” Xiang said drowsily afterwards “Goodnight Mr. Chalfont” Petronia replied before falling asleep.

The following morning Petronia woke up and went to work out on her treadmill. Xiang woke up and brought the paper in to read at the table before breakfast. Hearing someone walk by while he was ready he remarked without putting the paper down. “So Fallon you are still staying here or at least rummaging through Petronia’s cupboards for something to eat. What have you been up to since we have been gone?”

Not hearing a reply Xiang carried on “Late night I take it? So how long to you think you’ll be staying with us?”

Still not hearing a reply Xiang put the paper down.

“What the….”

“Umm hh..hhiiii.” He started off nervously. Then Petronia pasted by heading into the kitchen to get something to drink. Xiang wasting no time followed her into the kitchen.

“Petronia, do you see that out there? The Grim Reaper is in our dining room. What are we going to do? Is someone going to die? I’m not dying am I? You would tell me if I was wouldn’t you?”

“Xiang take a deep breath and calm down. That is not The Grim reaper, its his brother Gary. He is sort of like a the second in command in reapering here.” Petronia tried to explain soothingly. “You mean there are more than one Reaper in this town?” Xiang asked keeping an eye on Gary.

“Yes there is more than one in every town. Since they’ve unionized there has to be.” She replied. “Unionized? Reapers have a union?” asked Xiang extremely surprised. “Yep, they can only work a certain amount of hours a day and they have vacation days, hence why we have to have more than one in this town and every town. Sometimes even more depending on the size of the town.” Petronia continued to explain.

Seeing how distressed Xiang was Petronia decided to tell him what she had been thinking of all morning. “I think its time that we move out of the townhouses and into a real house with a yard, driveway and those sort of things that we don’t have here. Something that we can raise a family in.” Petronia told Xiang while holding his hands “I’ve arranged an appointment with Fiona to show us some houses after we both get off work today.” With a smile Xiang replied that it would be wonderful. “You know I can still hear you.” Gary said loudly to the two of them.

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