Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Petronia and Xiang MM Chapter 19

A week later Petronia received another important call. “Hello? I’ll see what I can do…. Well you know that I need to make sure I have a babysitter on hand or something now.. Alright I’ll meet you there in 15 minutes.” Hanging up her cell Petronia called up to Xiang. “Xiang I have an important meeting to go to can you?”

“Just go, don’t worry about anything here I got it covered”

So Petronia quickly headed over to the meeting spot. She saw that Lucy was already there waiting. Lucy gave here a quick hug and congratulated her on her new arrival, promising to drop by the house later this week.

Then they heard they felt a slight changed in the wind and heard the electric charge of someone teleporting.

“Misery I should have know it was you all along. To think I actually thought Aurabella was capable of all of this.” Lucy said with a little bit of contempt.

“That is not my name and when this is over you will address me with the same respect you do my brother Aeridaius by calling me my full name Misericordia.” Misericordia shot back

“Ah yes merciful heart, how could one forget that?” Now lets get down to busness. You need my help otherwise this plan that you have will never happen, so if I want to call you Misery I will because if your silly plan does not work that is what everything will be because the balance will be shot.” Lucy said ominously.

“Well easy for you to say all of this since you were so rightly chosen and not pasted over like I was for a younger sibling.” Misericordia said bitterly before continuing on “Just leave us to do what we have to do and you to do yours.”

And with that the wind changed again with the not only the sound but the scent of electricity in the air. “So it was Misery behind this all along. I knew it.” With a knowing smile Lucy said. “What is she planning to do?” Petronia asked a little bit confused. “She is going to overthrow Aeridaius. She needs our help so she can accomplish it and to keep our side inline while it is happening. I’ll tell you more later this week when I come by right now its not safe for me to disclose anymore than I’ve already have. Besides I’m being to think your mother did the right thing otherwise those would have ben your siblings” And with that Lucy said goodbye and walked away.

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