Sunday, May 30, 2010

I hate birthdays

Mine especially and I have 5 and a half hours until it is over.


  1. Well I'm sorry but happy birthday! Mine was very recently too but I actually enjoyed it this year. Hope it gets better, if not 5 hours is not that long to wait ;)

  2. So I take it you don't want me to sing happy birthday? Probably a good thing since I can't sing for buggery atm...

  3. Happy birthday, it's kinda nice to know I wasn't alone in that this weekend (my birthday was Friday)..

  4. Well its over :D

    @flutterby Happy belated Birthday, glad you had a good one :D

    @poida not unless you have the cake I didn't get yesterday LOL

    @Chellekaz another Gemini Happy belated Birthday to you too

  5. OMB! I love, love your new header. It-is-awesome! :D