Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Meringue Rainbowcy~A Legacy Gone Technicolor Chapter 2 Generation Creme

After going through the motions of everyday life I found myself back in Spring once again almost a year since my parent’s death. Seeing the date when I flipped forward in my day planner was akin to the feeling of when you forget to breathe. The almost year that has past felt like I had been holding my breath the whole time and seeing that date was like taking my first breath. We had almost gotten through the first year without anything else happening and now once again it was spring. It was a time for love, a time for renewal and growth.

In fact Minte was surprisingly smitten with a girl that he had met while working during a show. She was even more surprisingly with her petite frame heading security for the concert. After some casual flirting and a few meetings for coffee he had finally asked her on a real date. Glaisey teased him about it taking so long for him to ask her out considering the reputation that he had going in High School.

Speaking of love and spring it was time for Prom. Since we live in a small town our school just holds one prom for the whole school. I think Glaisey was the most excited she had been dating this Senior who was of course on the football team with Spear. He had a smile that could make any girl weak in their needs. When I would help her with her homework after school I would catch her doodling her name with his last name, Glaisey Foster. Sabayon however was less impressed with prom calling it a vain occasion when one has to excel in excess while acting like one’s self worth is only judged through one being able to get a date for said occasion. This caused strife between her and Glaisey, since according to Glaisey prom was “the most important event like ever”

Myself I was helping head the prom committee and was going with a guy that was in the Chess club with me. His name was Apple Crumble Jr. and he was amazingly smart. Like me he had a lot of things that he wanted to accomplish, such as following his infamous Father’s footsteps as a scientist.

Spear had found out the other week that he was accepted to play Football for Sweet Valley team. It was something that he had been hoping for almost his whole life and was constantly fueled by our father, who was also played football through out high school and was an avid fan of Sweet Valley Jammers. Growing up I always thought it was more of our father’s dream to see his son play ball for a living but I could see now that it was just as much of our father’s dream as it was Spear’s.

On the night of the prom Spear, Glaisey and I gathered with our dates in the living room for pictures while Sabayon scoffed at us. Spear and Banana Foster joked around about their tuxedos while Apple just looked nervous. Glaisey and I had just spent the last fifteen minutes fixing each other’s hair. She looked so beautiful and perfect in her dress I couldn’t help but feel just a tad jealous. She almost seemed to glow as Banana put on her corsage easily while Apple fumbled awkwardly to put mine on. “Ouch.” I said slightly irritated after he had accidently stabbed me with the pin. “Sorry” He mumbled his face turning as red as the fruit his name bared. I have to admit he did look quite handsome though.

After Minte had taken enough pictures that would have made our mother proud we left for the prom. Spear, Glaisey and their dates rode in Banana’s convertible while Apple and I rode in a car I was certain he’d found in a dump, that he boasted he was in the process of restoring. He was quite proud of it, babbling on the whole way to our school about it. When we got there even though I had spent the better part of the afternoon decorating the gym with the rest of the committee, I was still surprised how nice it had looked. There was a field of dancing taffeta and tuxedos which we narrowly weaved our way through to the refreshment table. Everyone was decked out in finery and everything looked as wonderful as a page out of a magazine. We were quick after getting some refreshments to get our pictures taken yet again.

And I saw that Spearmint and Lavendar Ciffonade had also gotten theirs done

Along with Glaisey and Banana Foster

After spending most of the night snacking on refreshments and awkwardly dancing with Apple’s two left feet the prom had started to wind down to a point where most people we either leaving to go home or to an after hours party. Unlike Spear, Glaisey and their dates I would not be attending an after party. I had to come back here early and help clean up with the rest of the prom committee.

When we had arrived back at my home I noticed Minte’s car was in the driveway so we lingered a few moments outside the front door. Apple was explaining about a constellation to me when I had a sudden urge to kiss him. “Apple?” I said interrupting him. “Yea Crème?” He said his voice slightly cracked and that’s when I did it, I mustered the courage and had my first kiss. It wasn’t spectacular nor was there any fireworks but it was something that I would always remember and I’m sure Apple would always too. Because his face turned redder than it ever had before, stuttering he thanked me and bid me goodnight then made a hasty retreat to his car and left.

Minte was settled on the couch in his pajamas watching TV when I came in. So I quickly went to my room, changing out of the uncomfortable ball gown and let my hair down. Joining Minte on the couch I was bombarded with questions about how everything went. So I divulged Minte in all the details including Apple hasty retreat after I kissed him “He ran away?” Minte asked laughing heartily when the phone rung. “Hello? This is he……They have? I’ll be there right away.” Minte spoke into the receiver before slamming it down. “Damn it.” He muttered to himself. “What’s wrong?” I asked nervously fiddling with the hem of my pajamas. Stuffing his feet into his shoes he paused before answering “Its Spearmint and Anglaise, they’ve been in a car accident. I don’t know much of the details except we need to go to the hospital right now.”


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