Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Meringue Rainbowcy~A Legacy Gone Technicolor Chapter 11 Generation Hypnotiq

“Are you kidding me?” I said enraged as I felt my temper surge. The nerve of this guy how could he? “It’s not what you think Hyp.” He tried to defend himself but I wouldn’t hear of it “I think it is exactly what I think, that ever since I’ve known you you’ve been a snake in the grass the whole time. Let me guess you were probably dating some one back in Egypt?” I pressed on angrily as I felt hot tears sear down my cheeks. “Hyp let me explain, yes I am married but by no means are we husband and wife.” He began to explain while my temper continued to simmer.

“I’ve know her since we were little and she one of my best friends. We decided to get married because we both thought it was a smart move for the both of us. She would continue to inherit her family’s title and wealth and I would be marrying into an influential family that would help push my political career. We didn’t get married because we loved each other but rather what we could both get out of being married.” Blue told me as I listened trying to absorb all the things he said. “Have there been others, besides me? Have you cheated on your wife with anyone else?” I asked him quietly as I looked him in eye.

“No you’re the only one. Besides my wife has been dating someone else since well before the wedding, really this sort of thing is not unusually behind the closed doors of Briocheporte’s famous or elite. After all back in Miss Sassy’s day the production companies actually did stage a lot of the relationships that their contracted actors were in to help promote their movies. It’s true that I could have been up front with you before we slept together but honestly I just got carried away with seeing you again. I really didn’t intend for us to go this far before I told you.” Blue said as he continued to explain.

I didn’t know what to believe as I looked into a pair of familiar blue eyes that pleaded me to believe him. I wanted to be with Blue so badly when I was around him it just felt right. Growing up I had always secretly thought that one day we would get back together and live happily ever after. I never imagined in a million years that I would be standing in my bedroom scantily clad while trying to decide if the life of a mistress was worth it just to be with Blue as I slumped down on the bed deep within thought.

As if he felt my reluctance he came over and put his arms around me. The warm feeling of his embrace made me melt involuntarily against him and I knew my decision had be made for me. From one world to another I went as the tide dragged me, for all their wealth, riches and etiquette there was a seedy unseen side to Briocheporte’s finest that I was now among. The secret side of what I had believed to be one of the greatest cities that I had never imagined in all my girlish naivety that I could not share with even my twin and closest confident Bombay. And thats how I became in the mistress of a man that would go on to be one of the most powerful in Sweetland history.

Being the technical mistress of someone that was constantly in the public eye was not the easiest thing to do and being a celebrity in Briocheporte myself didn’t make it any easier. Of course there were fights among the two of us about him leaving his wife of course the same excuse of the upcoming elections would always come into play. But truthfully I think these fights fueled our passion towards each other even more. When we were around each other it seemed like everything else was forgotten and the hardest thing to do was keeping our hands off of each other.

Around the time his wife came home from her Spa excursion I had been secretly staying at his home off and on in the hills. I guess we both missed the memo that she was due home the morning I wondered down to their kitchen in one of Blue’s silk pajama shirts to get something to eat before getting ready to go back to my own place. But first I needed something to eat, something as sweet as Blue had been when he had made us dinner the night before. I settled on some ice cream, I know breakfast of champion’s right? As I grabbed the carton filled of frozen yumminess out of the freezer and tried to remember where Blue kept the spoons,I heard the distinct noise of a door opening and closing followed by a soft clunk of a purse being tossed a table.

There she stood gracefully and completely elegant. Generations of her influential family flowed through her veins giving her an air of sophistication that someone like me who only merely rose to their fame on their own rather than being born into it could never quite possess.

“So you’re the tart that my husband has been sleeping around with?” She asked her voice riddle with challenge. “Umm.” It was all that I could muster in my defense before she began to laugh. “Don’t look so surprised, Blue has told me all about you since from the beginning and I do mean the very beginning. But I guess I should properly introduce myself because it seems that he really hasn’t told you much about me. My name is Purrberry.” She said casually introduced herself as she started to rummage through a drawer and found the spoon I was looking for. Holding it up for me to take she stood there as if ripped out from a magazine in her perfect outfit standing in the perfect kitchen. I didn’t really trust her yet, being around her I felt like a mouse that has been found by the cat.

Warily I took the spoon from her and began to dig into the ice cream as she gave me a once over as she momentarily studied me before she began to talk again. “You know he is really in love with you.” She said thoughtfully as if she were mulling over the concept in her mind. Finally faced with her there were questions that I wanted to ask that ran rampant through my mind but only one stuck out.

“Did you ever have feelings for him?” I asked her while eating what I really hoped was not her ice cream. “Did I ever have feelings for Blue? Honestly no, he not really my type. We’ve known each other since kindergarten where I saw him sample some paste. We are best-friends and we keep each other’s secret, that’s it.” She explained to me as if she was trying to explain something simple to a 5 year old.

“And what sort of secrets do you have?” I asked curiously wondering what sort of secrets this petit woman was hiding with Blue’s help besides the truth about their marriage. “That would be telling and at this point in my life some things are better left unsaid.” She replied coolly but with a smile as she continued to speak. “Maybe one day I will divulge them to you but for now Blue is the only one I trust with them.”

It didn’t take long for Purrberry to let her guard down around me after seeing Blue and me together. Though whatever secrets she might have had, she still kept them. But I soon came to realize that her Spa trips were only a cover for one that she was keeping. But it was nice to have someone to confide into about Blue and I. Even though there were some things that I couldn’t even confide in her such as me wanting Blue to leave her for me. I might have had an active social life with my name and face in the media but my secret life with Blue came with a price and it was one of the loneliest times of my life.

As Blue continued to campaign, I continued with acting as I was obtaining parts that I had dreamed of as a school girl acting in the drama club. The later this year I was scheduled to begin filming in Chambery a romantic comedy, as I finished signing my signature to the contract I received a text from Fade. “Be back tonight, hope you didn’t forget.” I silently cursed to myself because I had and I wondered what would be Fade’s reaction to my relationship with Blue if he ever did end up figuring it out.

Back at my apartment I had begun to prepare dinner, frog legs in celebration of my next upcoming movie in Chambery. As I ripped apart the stalks of celery and began to chop them up along with the carrots and onions for my mirepoix I tried not to think of Fade’s reaction though it was always there in the back of my mind since Blue and Purrberry were due over for dinner around the same time Fade would be getting in. Lightly sautéing the legs in a sauce pan with butter and a few fresh chopped herbs I heard a knock at the door along with Blue and Purrberry’s voices as they came in. “Hello?” Blues voice called out “In here.” I called back as I put the sauté pan in the oven to finish cooking the frog legs.

“Congratulations!” Purrberry said as she walked into the kitchen placing two bottle of nectar on the counter. Blue followed her in with a smile on his face as he gave me a quick kiss. Nervously I told him that a good friend of mine was going to be staying with me while he was in town and that he would be arriving tonight. “Its alright we’ll just practice how we all act at social events. He’ll never even have a clue.” Blue said assuringly.

When Fade finally came he didn’t let himself in as he did many times before but he knocked at the door. When I opened it I was surprised to see standing before me a different Fade. As I saw him I could see he was freshly shaven, his hair was slicked back and he was wearing clothes that were neither ripped nor studded. I had to wonder what would make him wanted to dress up in his own way.

“Fade, you look so different!” I exclaimed as I let him in. As he stepped into my apartment like he had so many times before his gaze settled on Blue and Purrberry, the way his eyes narrowed I could tell he knew them and it wasn’t in a friendly way. “Well, well, well. Fade it’s been awhile.” Blue said as he stood up. “You two know each other?” I asked them. “You could say that.” Fade said cautiously as Blue agreed “Yes you could.”

Dinner was tense as I could tell that Blue and Fade had some sort of history. Blue seemed to bait Fade as he asked him questions with a nonchalant look on his face. “So Fade where did you do your vacationing during the summer growing up?” If looks could kill then there wouldn’t have been anything left of Blue as Fade stared him down while he answered “I wasn’t able to go vacationing in the summer.” As he ate his eyes flickered over to me a few times. To everyone I was an actress but to Fade I was an open book, all he had to do was take one look from me to Blue to know exactly what was going on.

I watched his face momentarily crumble as a sea of emotions ranging from hurt to anger crossed it before he shook his head as he pushed those emotions away and got up from the table as he walked out with a “I have some business to take care of.” He said over his shoulder before leaving. I could feel his pain as I watched him go and there was nothing more that I wanted to do then whisk it away.


  1. I do like Blue but I did a little swoon when Fade joined ^.^ How complicated this all is but I guess that's an actors life.

    And Purrberry, teehee was that a play on Burberry? I like to think it was :D

  2. Wow that was a turn I didn't expect it to take. To be Blue's mistress, she must really love him. I'm still curious about what Fade had been up to and what will happen between them now!

  3. Oh Fade...Oh Blue...Oh Hyp! Gah! It's all! lol Great update but that's one hell of a triangle/square(?)

  4. Purrberry! <333 She is so cool ;3

    Oh man its about to go down! :O

  5. Aww Fade, I wonder what his surprise for her was? Maybe we will never know now. This was def a twist I didnt see coming.

  6. Aww poor Fade, he must be so heartbroken to know what's been going on with Hyp and Blue. I'm still not sure if I like Blue though, this arrangement between him and Purrberry seems a little off to me. :D

  7. !!!!!!!!
    Wow, I'm beyond sad.
    But in a good way :P
    Purrberry is beautiful,
    and Blue is still hot, but he's taking Fade away :|
    Can't wait!

  8. oh so many different thoughts. i'm not sure how i feel about Hyp being a mistress, but i'm even more not sure about Purrberry being fine with it.
    How much do you want to bet that Fade was all neatened up so he could propose to Hyp?

  9. @Hush Purrberry is a sim I made using both Berry's Blueberry Muffin and Kittycattylion's Squirrel Tea. Her name is a nod towards Kitty and Berry since I used their simmies.

    Everything about what Fade meant will be revealed in the next chapter(if it is not too long) Along with some more drama but thats all I can say about that right now ;)

  10. When will the next chapter be out? This is such an awesome legacy!

    Oh, and I'm really sorry for advertising but I'd quite like some critique on my legacy, The Neon Matriarchy. I'm pretty sure you can find it on my profile...once again, apologies for advertising!

    Agh! I much prefer Fade to Blue and I'm CERTAIN Fade was going to propose! This is all so much SUSPENSE!

  11. I'm with Cami, it's definitely one heck of a love triangle but what did Fade expect being gone so long and I hate the fact that Hyp has to be a mistress even though I'm more on team Blue I think ;)

  12. Oh and Purrberry is really cute!

  13. Unnnfh Fade is gorgeous.
    But my heart is still the colour of the ocean!!<3 Team Blue!