Saturday, December 31, 2011

Things that never made it in-Shiraz & Merlot short + Roux's original breakup with Shiraz

Shiraz and Merlot Short

All around me I was surrounded by happy couples or people generally celebrating being in love. From the man and wife that pretended that they didn’t know each other as he flirted with her to the bachelorette party that seemed to be having a bit too much fun with the bachelor party that came in a few minutes ago. I wondered what I was even doing here as I sipped on my nectar and put off ordering dinner. But I knew exactly why I was hiding away here. It was the first time that Violet would be visiting her father’s house since she was born and I didn’t feel like making dinner for one in our empty house.

“What happened that makes a pretty gal like you look so sad?” Asked a voice that interupted my thoughts of self pity that I was wallowing in.

“You’re not really my type so don’t bother.” I replied even though it was a lie, overconfident was exactly my type. I had just sent my daughter off for the first with the epitome of my type in every way beyond that overconfidence. As much as I wanted to hate him, I still couldn’t.

He let out a loud booming laugh that echoed in the small tavern before muttering under his breath “Why do women always assume that they’re my type? Seriously though I was just trying to be nice since you looked so down, for what it’s worth my type resides in something a lot fairer and alabaster.”

~insert sage adivce from Merlot. Blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda etc~

“And how do you know so much about this sort of thing?” 

“Maybe I’m just the ghost of a despairing love stories past. It ain’t easy being purple and all is it?”

Roux's original break up with Shiraz

With her soft touch I felt myself begin to crumble again, but I tried to hold strong and not fall again. “Don’t…don’t touch me please. I just can’t Shiraz, I can’t do this to her again. I really can’t see you again when I know that…that it can all happen again so easily. I’ll have a lawyer meet with you in my place for a custody arrangement for Violet but right now I need you to go and never look back for a moment, just go Shiraz…Please I’m begging you if you really love me you’ll let me go because I’m not stronger enough to let you go, not right now, not right ever.”

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  1. You know, i might not care for Merlot, but he has to have the worst luck of any guy real or imaginary. I like his last line though.

    And i'm glad you changed the break-up with Shiraz, otherwise I think she would have never married the other guy and kept hanging on.